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Just because the term is over doesn’t mean my blogging is over! I have some super exciting happens on my calendar for the next six weeks (including, but not limited to: a two week adventure to NYC, an Early Access Event at Morgan Stanley, meeting Union alumni at Citigroup, a Union “Walk Down Wall Street” day, working at AllianceBernstein, seeing my beautiful twin sister again, celebrating Christmas, bringing in the New Year, and participating in an “Urban Plunge” community service project) and I plan to blog about every step along the way! I won’t be posting on Unfiltered directly,...

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work really hard

Something that I learned just in the past week is that hard work really does pay off! My week was packed with one good piece of news after another — I got very positive news regarding a bunch of summer internships I’m interested in, I connected with many wonderful Union alumni and had some awesome conversations (Union alumni are the BEST — for real!), I got into a class that had previously been full for next term, and I found out that my theme house will be reinstated next year (after some serious adversity)!! The best part about all of the...

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Parents and Alumni Weekend

My parents visited Union from Friday to Saturday, and since we’re not exactly a football family (we’re a rare breed in New England), we didn’t have much interest in the football game on Saturday which seemed to be the main event.  It was probably best, then, that I decided to take my parents on a tour of campus from my perspective.  We went to the pre-game tailgate luncheon and ate with one of my roommates’ family, and then we left campus in the direction of the Communications Office and the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house.  We made it to...

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my twin sister, my father (a proud Union alumnus), and me circa 1996 in front of the historic Nott representing my grandfather in what would have been his 40th reUNION. this weekend i will especially remember him. thanks grampy for kicking off three generations of Union love! i miss you every day! I hope everyone has the best Homecoming and Family Weekend! You can keep up on and chat about all the awesome Union happenings on Twitter by following the trend...

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reUnion weekend surprise

This past weekend was Alumni weekend here at Union, and boy did it rival Springfest! It was just so much fun, particularly because all the alumni were back, roaming the campus, reveling in reliving their college years. But I’ll be honest, the best part of my weekend had absolutely nothing to do with it being alumni weekend. Instead, it has everything to do with two of my best friends in the world surprising me with a visit! Late Friday afternoon, I was in the deserted West Dining Hall (it was a weird time to be there) with a few...

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ReUnion Weekend

This weekend was Union’s alumni weekend! It was really interesting to see all of the alumnus walk around campus, and to know that, they too, had once called Union their home away from home. And here they were again, on their old stomping grounds, reminiscing about some of their best college past times. Crazy! But one of the highlights of the weekend was the fireworks show that Union put on Saturday night. It was really spectacular! I’m still (2 days later) reeling from it! I already can’t wait for next year’s ReUnion weekend! Hope you all had great weekends!...

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homecoming and halloween weekend

Well, this post is a little overdue considering the fact that its subject was relevant a week ago. But better late than never! Last weekend, it was Homecoming Weekend at Union, which basically meant that it was alumni weekend here at school, as well as family weekend. Add Halloween on a college campus on top of that and you’ve got yourself one busy weekend. Despite the constant activity, I’d have to say that this past weekend was, without a doubt, my favorite one spent here at school to date. When you spend so much time away from home, coming back home or having a little bit of home come to you is incredibly refreshing. Regardless of how much your parents and you may have bickered while you were still in high school, come college, there’s a new, mutual understanding. Your parents are fully aware of what college life entails and are accepting of this newfound independence, and this new level in your relationship makes it much easier to coexist, even for just a weekend. That being said, I clearly enjoyed being with my parents all weekend. It was such a breath of fresh air to spend some time away from campus with that sort of familiarity. Word of advice: take advantage of parents’ weekend! Use that access to a car to eat off campus as much as possible (sorry,...

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