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Finding My Niche at Union Comments Off on Finding My Niche at Union

Finding My Niche at Union

Last year as a freshman, fall term was exciting just because I was finally at college, the place I dreamed about for years in high school. With that came Club Expo, meeting new people, and going to...

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Goodbye, Dallas–Hello, Union Comments Off on Goodbye, Dallas–Hello, Union

Goodbye, Dallas–Hello, Union

It’s been three months since I’ve set foot on this campus, and Sophomore year has already hit me with the hustle and bustle of college life.

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A “Spin” on Wellness at Union 0

A “Spin” on Wellness at Union

My first year at Union (2013-2014) was called the “Year of Wellness” and featured the opening of the brand new Wicker Wellness Center (the home of Jenna the Therapy Pup) and the introduction of a wide variety of new wellness class offerings.

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The Pros and Cons of Being a “Sorority Girl” 0

The Pros and Cons of Being a “Sorority Girl”

When I was applying to college I knew exactly what I wanted, a small liberal arts college with a great science program that was far from home. I succeeded in achieving all of the criteria at Union, but the one unique aspect to Union, out of all the other schools I had applied for, was that it was the only college with Greek life.

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