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Guest Post: Finding a Study Spot in Jackson’s Garden

Today’s featured blogger is Hannah Rayhill, ’18 – an English and Anthropology major from New Hartford, NY. Learn more about Jessica here. My most favorite aspect of the Union College Campus is Jackson’s Garden. For those of you that don’t know, Jackson’s Garden is a couple acres of land behind our campus center that is maintained by our school as a outdoor common space for all to enjoy. There is a tree that is just inside the entrance of the Garden tucked to the left a little ways down the main path. This tree’s trunk splits into three trunks that caper...

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5 Tips on Saving Money Before Graduation

I am a full-time student, which means my priority in life is my education. As well as the rest of the students on campus, I have definitely invested both a lot of time and money into learning. However, now that I am a junior, I am starting to more seriously think about money. Thankfully, I have a family that has helped to support me in my endeavors over the last two and a half years. But growing independence also means I need to start saving and thinking about the future: graduate programs, apartments, houses, a new car. All the...

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Au Revoir, Union

With summer around the corner, it feels good to say au revoir to another year at Union. In all honesty, I’ve yet to experience my “best” year here at Union, but Sophomore year was somewhat better than Freshman year. The usual happened: I met new people, discovered something else about myself and my principles, my outlook on life shifted a bit, and I grew more impatient with graduating. If there was something I would advise to upcoming sophomores, I would say: “grow through what you go through.” I challenged my comfort zone in so many aspects this year: traveling more...

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Union’s Therapy Dogs

While the Wicker Wellness Center offers a ton of great services–from health appointments to counseling to meditation and yoga to free condoms–the most well-loved service is their therapy dogs.  Jenna, the mama bear, is a gorgeous Goldendoodle always sporting a handkerchief.  She’s calm, she’s snuggly, and she’s always been there. Then there’s Eve, Jenna’s daughter, who looks a lot like Bear in the Big Blue House (remember that show, anyone?).  Her leather collar and sturdy stature show her sporty side–she might come and snuggle but she loves playing fetch. While the therapy dogs are great for a little dog-time when...

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How to Make Money in College

You’ve heard it time and time again: the plague of the broke college student.  If you’re an incoming student, the prospect seems ominous if not inevitable.  Luckily for you, I am here, a not totally broke college student, to give you some tips on having more than $10 in your bank account. One way is to get a work-study.  These are jobs on campus that are part of your financial aid package.  There are work-study positions virtually all over campus and I find it intriguing to hear all the different positions available.  My freshman year, I worked in the Athletic...

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7 Zero-Waste Swaps for College

Although the term “zero-waste” essentially means reducing waste/making as little as possible of a detrimental, environmental impact on the world, it’s definitely something that I’ve personally been making strides for since late last year. What I’ve enjoyed most about being a college student is having the availability and freedom to start creating and practicing lifestyle habits that coincide with my beliefs; specifically, in this case, my beliefs about consumerism, materialism, and sustainability. Making the switch to incorporating zero-waste products and practices on a college budget with a college schedule is challenging and gradual, but the results are fulfilling, nonetheless....

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Dealing with Stress

College is stressful.  There is no denying that.  Readings, labs, papers, projects, and tests can build up in the blink of an eye.  On top of it all is clubs, work, exercise, social lives, adequate sleep, and elusive “you” time.  It’s no wonder then when you’re running from place to place breathlessly that the panic of getting it all done can become volcanic.   Everyone else seems to have all these things balanced, so why can’t we college students figure it out?  Oftentimes “real” adults (aka, those out in the real world with apartments and dogs and office jobs) rag on...

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Must-Read Books for Spring Break

A perk of being an English major: you get to read books. A con of being an English major: you have to read books (that often don’t interest you, that is). It’s a bittersweet reality. When your academia demands so much of something you enjoy, you have to be careful not to lose your love for the activity. What I often do is take advantage of my college breaks to “binge” on books that I personally pick and want to read—as opposed to reading something for a grade. Don’t get me wrong, the books I’ve been assigned to read...

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Campus Meal Hacks

Eating: unarguably the most important task of every day. However, as a college student, boredom, lack of money (or creativity), can make the most fun activity of eating sadly mundane. So, here’s some ideas to spruce up your eating habits, whether it be to save you money, save you from eating boring food, or cure your desperate need for a cheat meal. If you aren’t a freshman or don’t live conveniently close to West College, you likely don’t go to West to eat. That’s wrong, and let me tell you why: we have Vitamix blenders (read: the God of...

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