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In relation to my unhealthy infatuation and undying love for “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Best Dance Crew,” and every “Step Up” movie created, dance is one of my favorite Art forms. I’m no pro, but I’m a dancer at heart. I began my dancing endeavors in the most stereotypical fashion: ballet at age 3, followed by dance courses in contemporary and hip hop dance, and a few talent shows and competitions here and there.

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Into the Rush

To Join or Not to Join. I’ve tossed and turned with the decision numerous times before coming to Union and during my (soon-to-be) one year here, and the question remains: should I rush sophomore year? Initially in high school, I had no real interest in sororities. I was indifferent towards Greek life; I didn’t view it as bad or detrimental to my well-being, nor was I ecstatic on joining or felt any obligation towards it. But as soon as freshman year in college rolled out, the rush-week photos rolled with it. My friends who’d all gone to big universities...

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Victory Day 2016 at Union

On May 8, 1945, Nazi high officers signed documents to officially surrender to Allied forces. In most of the world, May 8 is celebrated as Victory in Europe Day. In Russia, Victory Day is celebrated on May 9. This is because in Moscow, it was already May 9 by the time the Nazi generals surrendered in Berlin. May 9 is a national holiday in Russia, a day taken to honor veterans of World War II and to remember the sacrifices of Soviet soldiers and citizens during the war. In Moscow, they still hold a military parade in Red Square every...

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Here’s To Wishful Thinking

There are times when Union socially feels like a “glorified,” reminiscent of high school (I blame it on the small size and somewhat “clique-ish” atmosphere). Don’t get me wrong, my experience here so far has provided me with some trials and tribulations that I don’t care to erase; however, there are people and specific social interactions that are dependent on an odd sense of immaturity and narrow-mindedness that I presumed only existed in high school (my bad). I’ve met some great people here that have made my time here more interesting and engaging, but that’s only a handful of...

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Union’s Versatility for Events

One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success. In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on...

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Freshman Vs. Senior Year (at College)

For many students, the exciting thing about coming to college is prospectively experiencing a “This-Is-Me” type of transformation; goodbye, adolescence, hello adulthood. But before adulthood comes knocking on your door, college offers its own sense of change in the short four years that you’re there. It might not be something obvious—more than likely, it will be ambiguous and gradual—but your behavior, opinions and overall mentality about the world will have some change.   Below I’ve collected reflective commentary from senior and junior students on campus about their differences in behavior, opinions, and overall mentality since freshman year (*All responses...

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Survival Guide For Attending A Small College

I didn’t really put much thought into colleges–in the sense that I was not only interested in “x” type of schools. However, I did only apply, (and got accepted in), to private colleges and universities, but the sizes varied from Occidental College and Millsaps College to Chapman University and Southern Methodist University. I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what a “private, liberal arts college” felt like—I just thought school was school, and as long as the people were friendly and I learned something, then I would be okay. A lot of my friends went to state schools, so...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 2)

Now, continuing on with the proposed, first five Things I Wish I Knew Before College list, the remaining five are as followed. 6. Don’t Overestimate Your Free Time As glorious as the trimester schedule can be at times (and challenging at others), try to refrain from being idle with your time. Due dates are closer than they appear and the days go by quickly. Take baby steps and work on assignments bit by bit, though it’s easier said than done. Even if it’s just brainstorming what you want to write a paper on, doing the first two equations of your...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 1)

Freshmen year at college is fun and all (depending on what you make out of this  “new-found” freedom). In a general sense, first-year students either immediately love college life, are gradually liking it, or feel static in their pursuit of happiness on campus, and that’s fine. Everyone goes through life differently. With that being said, with careful consideration, I’ve cooked up a list of 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College for anyone to relate to or find some truth in. Here are the first 5: 1. It’s Okay Not to be Okay There’s no reason in the...

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