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Guest Post: Schenectady, The City That Lights Up The World (And My Life)

Today’s featured blogger is Union alumna Ariella Honig ’17. Ariella double majored in psychology and theater during her time at Union! As a recent graduate of Union College I’d like to think that I am very well versed in things to do in Schenectady. I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite activities! Check them out! Seeing Shows At Proctors Theatre (432 State Street) Hands down my favorite thing to do in Schenectady is to see shows at Proctors. I love theatre, and having Proctors so close and accessible was one of the best parts of my Union...

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Guest Post: The Top 6 Places to Explore the Outdoors in the Schenectady Area

Today’s featured blogger is Abigail Lehner, ’18 – a Biology major from Colorado Springs, CO. Learn more about Abigail here .   Hiking at Plotter Kill Going on a hike at Plotter Kill Preserve is a must for Union students. The trail follows the Plotter Kill and you can walk past three waterfalls. This hike is very popular among students and is highly recommended.   Rock Climbing at The Edge Halfmoon There is a rock climbing gym about 20 minutes from Union’s campus. This is another popular stop for students and the school does trips to The Edge for free. The gym...

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“Hidden Gems” In Schenectady

This year, I’ve definitely done a lot more “venturing out” in Schenectady. Although I’ve yet to get my car on campus, it’s been fun to go on these little adventures throughout the city and discovering these five places, which I consider “hidden gems” in the area: Riverside Park/Playground If you’re like me, and you feel you’ll never be too old for slides and swing sets, then this little park near the river is a fun spot to have a laugh with friends, goof off with little kids in the area or take a light stroll.       Villa Italia...

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If It’s Love

This past week, Union College’s Department of Theatre & Dance presented a post-apocalyptic showing of the classic Romeo & Juliet play by William Shakespeare. Although I’m here and there with the theatre program—participating in plays at least once a year—I mainly went to see the show for moral support. However, in my current English course (Shakespeare After 1600), we’ve just finished reading the tragedy, so my professor advised us to go see the school’s production in addition to reading and analyizing the text. One thing that stood out in the play was the number of strong actors on stage. The...

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Unexpected Places to Use Your UNION ID for Discounts

Most people don’t realize the power your Union ID holds. Not only does it do the obvious, allow you into your building and provide your meal swipes/declining, but travel off campus and you’re granted so much more. Provided is a list of places you can show a student ID and get an additional discount off of food, clothing, etc. Every so often, Blaze holds events in which they do discounts for pizzas (so check your email or their website for more information on that). In addition to this list, the real MVP goes to Ayelada, which offers $1 purchases with your ID. Spotify Amazon Prime AMC Theaters Student Universe (flights) Amtrak Greyhound J. Crew Banana Republic Kate Spade Vineyard Vines Topshop Eastern Mountain Sports Subway Chipotle...

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Feigenbaum Forum: Maya Lin

A few weeks ago in my Sophomore Research Seminar, my professor took a part of the class to watch some of a documentary about Maya Lin. As I would come to find out, Lin was the designer of the (controversial) Vietnam Veterans Memorial as well as the Civil Rights Memorial. She was only a senior at Yale when she designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her approach to memorialization and funerary objects is much different than many memorial pieces we see today, as it has much to do with raw emotion and connection. I was very excited when I learned that she was...

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“College & Chill” Fall Playlist

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m hands-down a huge indie/alternative rock and pop fanatic. My interest wasn’t some attempt to be less mainstream—because that’s not entirely what “indie” means—but it was more of a serendipitous attraction. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous playlist blog, I was born into and grew up around various types of music that were constantly played throughout the house. If it was after church. Music. Cleaning the house. Music. Car rides just ten minutes from the house. Music. Evening idleness. Music. So I like to blame my parents for my habit of...

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“Sometimes Family Are the Ones You Choose”

Even though it’s Sophomore year, I’m still trying to find a group I feel comfortable being around. One of the reasons I joined a sorority on campus was so that I could better seek out individuals who were similar enough to me in order to increase my sense of belonging—not as a means to solely define myself but to find something on campus that partially defined who I saw myself as already.  It was less about having a social life, but more of just making this college experience a bit more worthwhile. Since the beginning of fall term, these...

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