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Au Revoir, Union

With summer around the corner, it feels good to say au revoir to another year at Union. In all honesty, I’ve yet to experience my “best” year here at Union, but Sophomore year was somewhat better than Freshman year. The usual happened: I met new people, discovered something else about myself and my principles, my outlook on life shifted a bit, and I grew more impatient with graduating. If there was something I would advise to upcoming sophomores, I would say: “grow through what you go through.” I challenged my comfort zone in so many aspects this year: traveling more...

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“Hidden Gems” In Schenectady

This year, I’ve definitely done a lot more “venturing out” in Schenectady. Although I’ve yet to get my car on campus, it’s been fun to go on these little adventures throughout the city and discovering these five places, which I consider “hidden gems” in the area: Riverside Park/Playground If you’re like me, and you feel you’ll never be too old for slides and swing sets, then this little park near the river is a fun spot to have a laugh with friends, goof off with little kids in the area or take a light stroll.       Villa Italia...

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The Winter for Giving

I’m torn between feeling let-down by the lack of snow this winter and relieved that I didn’t have to whip out my snow boots and put on layers of clothes. Perhaps, Schenectady heard my prayers (or mother nature is trying to tell us something). Either way, my second winter at Union surprised me a bit. If anything, it felt more like the winters back home. This winter, I noticed a lot more campus involvement towards giving back to the Union and Schenectady community, which is admirable. I’ve taken my own steps towards being more charitable this winter, as well,...

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Women’s March NYC

I went to the Women’s March on NYC on Saturday and wrote this article for the Concordiensis, the student paper.  Enjoy. “The Women’s March Proves that the 21st Century Protest is Still About Bodies, not Tweets,” a headline on The Verge magazine’s website Monday (1/23) morning reads. The Millennial generation is largely criticized by its elder generations for its inability to mobilize on political issues, choosing instead to utilize the Internet as a means to spread messages of social activism. An estimated 500,000 people attended the Women’s March in New York City on Saturday, January 22nd suggest that such...

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Lecture: “Lessons from Sweetgrass: Indigenous Stewardship of Adirondack Plants”

The Kelly Adirondack Center, which works with Union to gain understanding and help preserve the nature of the Adirondack mountains, invited Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY to give the lecture “Lessons from Sweetgrass: Indigenous Stewardship of Adirondack Plants” as part of the Living with the Land lecture and exhibition series. The Nott packed with people from the public and campus community to hear Dr. Wall Kimmerer Dr. Wall Kimmerer, a plant ecologist, gave the lecture heavy in indigenous lessons, speaking about the history of indigenous management of the Adirondack region in...

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The Day the World Stopped Spinning

November 7th, 2016 9:15 a.m.: Walking to class, I notice a strange sig on the sidewalk by Messa.  It reads “SET, CATERING, RESTROOMS,” all with arrows pointing down the long walkway next to the rugby field.  I rack my brain on the meaning of this sign, and in the “early” hours of a week 9 Monday morning, associate their “SET” with our “SET,” a category of class we must take as part of the general education requirements.  Finally, it hits, and I remember a strange e-mail that caused a stir in my house the previous Saturday–James Franco is directing...

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If It’s Love

This past week, Union College’s Department of Theatre & Dance presented a post-apocalyptic showing of the classic Romeo & Juliet play by William Shakespeare. Although I’m here and there with the theatre program—participating in plays at least once a year—I mainly went to see the show for moral support. However, in my current English course (Shakespeare After 1600), we’ve just finished reading the tragedy, so my professor advised us to go see the school’s production in addition to reading and analyizing the text. One thing that stood out in the play was the number of strong actors on stage. The...

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Feigenbaum Forum: Maya Lin

A few weeks ago in my Sophomore Research Seminar, my professor took a part of the class to watch some of a documentary about Maya Lin. As I would come to find out, Lin was the designer of the (controversial) Vietnam Veterans Memorial as well as the Civil Rights Memorial. She was only a senior at Yale when she designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her approach to memorialization and funerary objects is much different than many memorial pieces we see today, as it has much to do with raw emotion and connection. I was very excited when I learned that she was...

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Putting the “Home” in Homecoming Weekend

This past Homecoming weekend, I had the delight of spending time with my mum on campus. The last time my mum was on campus was for Freshman Move-In day last year, which wasn’t much of a visit. I’m glad she’d spent a few nights in Schenectady so she could get a feel of the campus, my classes, and just my overall college experience. On Friday, her flight came in the afternoon and we immediately had dinner at Rathskeller, because it is one of my go-to places to eat and hang-out on campus. Then I gave her a simple tour of...

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