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Guest Post: Schenectady, The City That Lights Up The World (And My Life)

Today’s featured blogger is Union alumna Ariella Honig ’17. Ariella double majored in psychology and theater during her time at Union! As a recent graduate of Union College I’d like to think that I am very well versed in things to do in Schenectady. I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite activities! Check them out! Seeing Shows At Proctors Theatre (432 State Street) Hands down my favorite thing to do in Schenectady is to see shows at Proctors. I love theatre, and having Proctors so close and accessible was one of the best parts of my Union...

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Friends Appreciation Day

Valentine’s Day – I know you’re probably thinking, gosh not another anti- Valentine’s Day post. I love the idea of Valentine’s Day
-Jeamela Guilloteau ’17

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Women’s March NYC

I went to the Women’s March on NYC on Saturday and wrote this article for the Concordiensis, the student paper.  Enjoy. “The Women’s March Proves that the 21st Century Protest is Still About Bodies, not Tweets,” a headline on The Verge magazine’s website Monday (1/23) morning reads. The Millennial generation is largely criticized by its elder generations for its inability to mobilize on political issues, choosing instead to utilize the Internet as a means to spread messages of social activism. An estimated 500,000 people attended the Women’s March in New York City on Saturday, January 22nd suggest that such...

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Pros & Cons of Being an Out-of-State Student

As the time for acceptance letters soon approaches, below are some things for first-year students coming from out-of-state regions (specifically, out of the NE area) to consider. CONS The luxury of going home for the weekend is not a thing. Culture shock. Enough said. Starting afresh can be stressful, hard to figure out, and takes a lot more patience and energy than you expected. The odds of finding “native cuisine” from your home state are slim. So, you patiently wait for long, school breaks so you can get back to stuffing your face with your favorite foods. The price...

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The Buzz around Campus: Union Beekeeping

The dwindling of honeybees in the recent years has certainly caused a stir in the American public, since bees pollinate 1/3 of our food agriculture, and the thought of not being able to bite into a crunchy apple scares just about anyone.  A major cause of the population decline of the honeybee is caused by Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) where large colonies of honeybees are disappearing in large numbers.  Since these bees die while out collecting nectar instead of inside the hive, the exact cause of their death is still ambiguous, though the main hypothesis is thought to be...

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If It’s Love

This past week, Union College’s Department of Theatre & Dance presented a post-apocalyptic showing of the classic Romeo & Juliet play by William Shakespeare. Although I’m here and there with the theatre program—participating in plays at least once a year—I mainly went to see the show for moral support. However, in my current English course (Shakespeare After 1600), we’ve just finished reading the tragedy, so my professor advised us to go see the school’s production in addition to reading and analyizing the text. One thing that stood out in the play was the number of strong actors on stage. The...

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“Sometimes Family Are the Ones You Choose”

Even though it’s Sophomore year, I’m still trying to find a group I feel comfortable being around. One of the reasons I joined a sorority on campus was so that I could better seek out individuals who were similar enough to me in order to increase my sense of belonging—not as a means to solely define myself but to find something on campus that partially defined who I saw myself as already.  It was less about having a social life, but more of just making this college experience a bit more worthwhile. Since the beginning of fall term, these...

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DIY Decorations

If you’re like me, then you love finding those little bits and bobs that make a house a home.  The transition from a double dorm-room to an on-campus apartment meant that my housemates and I had a lot more space to fill than our previous two-walled decorations could satisfy.  Without breaking the bank, we found some creative and crafty ways to make all the extra space feel like our space. First, is stickers.  It’s something that I never usually think about until I’ve collected a few too many.  Many students at Union save these for their laptops or Nalgene water bottles, but for...

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