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Putting the “Home” in Homecoming Weekend

This past Homecoming weekend, I had the delight of spending time with my mum on campus. The last time my mum was on campus was for Freshman Move-In day last year, which wasn’t much of a visit. I’m glad she’d spent a few nights in Schenectady so she could get a feel of the campus, my classes, and just my overall college experience. On Friday, her flight came in the afternoon and we immediately had dinner at Rathskeller, because it is one of my go-to places to eat and hang-out on campus. Then I gave her a simple tour of...

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“Sometimes Family Are the Ones You Choose”

Even though it’s Sophomore year, I’m still trying to find a group I feel comfortable being around. One of the reasons I joined a sorority on campus was so that I could better seek out individuals who were similar enough to me in order to increase my sense of belonging—not as a means to solely define myself but to find something on campus that partially defined who I saw myself as already.  It was less about having a social life, but more of just making this college experience a bit more worthwhile. Since the beginning of fall term, these...

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Into the Rush

To Join or Not to Join. I’ve tossed and turned with the decision numerous times before coming to Union and during my (soon-to-be) one year here, and the question remains: should I rush sophomore year? Initially in high school, I had no real interest in sororities. I was indifferent towards Greek life; I didn’t view it as bad or detrimental to my well-being, nor was I ecstatic on joining or felt any obligation towards it. But as soon as freshman year in college rolled out, the rush-week photos rolled with it. My friends who’d all gone to big universities...

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Here’s To Wishful Thinking

There are times when Union socially feels like a “glorified,” reminiscent of high school (I blame it on the small size and somewhat “clique-ish” atmosphere). Don’t get me wrong, my experience here so far has provided me with some trials and tribulations that I don’t care to erase; however, there are people and specific social interactions that are dependent on an odd sense of immaturity and narrow-mindedness that I presumed only existed in high school (my bad). I’ve met some great people here that have made my time here more interesting and engaging, but that’s only a handful of...

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“Don’t Throw Out Your Back #Throwback” Playlist

I know that there are other students who share my love for the so-called “oldies” (songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s), but these songs really aren’t so outdated as the younger generation might take them to be. Below is a collection of 26 songs that I think any college student could relate to (whether it be for partying, sex, crushes/relationships, or just being young and cutting loose), but I do wish this list could be longer. Yeah, the dances at frats today seem a bit provocative—or not much dancing, but jumping—however, for the most part, songs about dancing...

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College Expectations Vs. Reality

Although, it’s still early in the term—and the workload hasn’t been a complete walk in the park—I’m still keeping my head above water…well, at least, trying to. However, there have been specific moments on campus that I think many college students could relate to, when their Expectations didn’t quite match up with Reality (think along the lines of 500 Days of Summer if you may):   Expectation: Eating all your major food groups for nearly every meal at the dining hall; Making wise eating choices to refrain from excess weight gain; Eating a salad a day; Finishing your whole...

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Fire Safety Day at the Nott

Union holds an annual Safety Day at the beginning of each year. This year, the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity worked together with Union fire safety to host a very successful safety day that was located on the grass between Reamer and the Nott. Representatives from external safety forces attended to educate students about all different topics of safety, including DWI awareness, defense training, and fire extinguisher training, among others. A culminating point is when the Schenectady Fire Department displayed the usefulness of fire sprinklers in rooms. They did this by setting up two exactly identical, life-size rooms and setting...

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