Thank U 0

Thank U

There are two days of classes left in Spring term, and one class left for me in my undergraduate career. I’ve had a lot of time over the past few weeks to reflect on my past four years here at Union and...

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Minerva Fellows 0

Minerva Fellows

With the Minerva System Union students have a chance to continue to learn even after they graduate college. Through Minerva Fellows Program, although very competitive, students are given the opportunity to...

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Maslenitsa 0


In Eastern Orthodox religions, this week is called maslenitsa. This is the week before lent and in some religions it means no dairy until Easter. In Russian masla means butter, so that’s where the root...

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Pierogi Party 0

Pierogi Party

Russian and East European Culture club holds a pierogi party each term. It is generally considered our most popular event, and each time it comes around there are more and more people. We keep purchasing more...

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Russian WinterFest 0

Russian WinterFest

Every winter term the Russian and East European Culture Club hosts Winter Fest. At this event there is Russian food and candy. This year it was held at Wold Minerva. The main dishes were a Borscht made by our...

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