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5 Tips on Saving Money Before Graduation

I am a full-time student, which means my priority in life is my education. As well as the rest of the students on campus, I have definitely invested both a lot of time and money into learning. However, now that I am a junior, I am starting to more seriously think about money. Thankfully, I have a family that has helped to support me in my endeavors over the last two and a half years. But growing independence also means I need to start saving and thinking about the future: graduate programs, apartments, houses, a new car. All the...

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Tara Kitchen- Moroccan Cuisine

I’ve written about a lot of eating spots in Schenectady before, including the delicious Persian Bite (which has recently moved closer to campus, right down Union Street), Cafe Nola, and Bombers. One restaurant in Schenectady that I always wanted to go to is named Tara Kitchen. The other day, my mother and I went to eat at the Moroccan spot. It’s kind of hidden, located kitty-corner from the Schenectady post office, which is right near Jay Street and Proctor’s. We were seated one floor up from the bar, where it was very warm. The actual outside was not as...

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Return to NY

Because Union has trimesters, we have a six-week break starting at Thanksgiving break and continuing into the beginning of the New Year. Break is the perfect time to do something exciting as not many other people are home at the same time. Many students use this time to travel on a Union mini-term or on their own, or get an internship. I spent this past winter break in Seattle, staying with family. The infamous Pike’s Place Market in Seattle Rather than being at home in NH, where I would undoubtedly be spending money to visit people, my aunt let...

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Winter Break Plans

Union’s schedule is pretty strange. We don’t get out until June, and we have all of December off. This fall I have been quietly freaking out over what I would do for break. Unlike a lot of my friends who have each other at home during break to hang out with, it’s just me. I live in rural New Hampshire and there really aren’t many (or any…we don’t have any businesses in my town) that would hire me just for 6 weeks. My first two winter breaks were spent working at a ski mountain teaching lessons. Ideally, this would...

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A Birthday at Union

Birthdays are kind of a big deal. They are bigger this year because Junior year is usually when everyone turns 21. There are three main spots where people go for this big day, all based on the fact that these places give out free drinks. Zen, an Asian restaurant on State Street, gives a scorpion bowl. It is a huge bowl of sweetness. The other guests can enjoy mojitos (2 for 1 during happy hour) along with some great food. Bomber’s is right above Zen. At Bomber’s they give out a huge birthday margarita in the biggest margarita glass...

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Beauty and the Beast

Proctor’s was showing Beauty and the Beast last week and I was lucky enough to see it for free through U-program. I just signed up in student activities on the 4th floor of Reamer with my ID card. There was transportation to and from, and we had enough time to get a drink at Bomber’s first. The show was pretty good, but by the end I was getting pretty antsy because it was getting late and I still wanted to have a big night! The voices were just beautiful and the set was wild. I feel so lucky that Union gives...

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Spring Break

My freshman and sophomore year I didn’t really do much for spring break. Freshman year I visited friends at other schools and hung out at home. Last year I was preparing for my term abroad in Russia. This year I decided to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico with two of my friends from Union. We chose San Juan because we wanted to be in the US, but we wanted to drink so we needed a place with a lower drinking age. Long story (very long story) short, we had the time of our lives. Here are some...

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Winter Break on the West Coast

Union has a really long winter break. It’s spans about 6 weeks, depending on when one’s finals end. This year I went home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The next day I drove to NYC to celebrate Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving day I hopped on a plane to Seattle to stay with family for the next 5 weeks. I spent that time bonding with my cousins and aunt and uncle, working occasionally, and exploring the Pacific North West. In the past I’ve been pretty bored over winter break. Usually I work at a ski resort, but the snow isn’t too...

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Restaurant Review: Persian Bite

Last weekend my mom came to visit. Every time she comes she likes to eat a different restaurant. She had been eyeing this place called Persian Bite for a few visits, so we decided to try it out. It’s located right near Pizza King, right across from the Schenectady City hall. The inside is pretty small, with just a few tables, but there are beautiful pillows and decorations around. The employees were extremely nice and helpful, especially in helping us decide what to order. We ended up getting a wrap, and also a dish of rice with a lamb...

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Foodie Friday- Ambition Cafe

Welcome to Foodie Fridays! This is where I’ll bring you to some of the best places that Union loves to eat. And because I personally am I an avid foodie, I promise you that I’ll find a way to work it into other days of the week. I hope you’re hungry… I read something the other day that read, “Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.” Tower in the midst of all those other common birds and flash some hot pink feather. Defy the ordinary and be a little funky. So, today for lunch I decided to venture...

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