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“College & Chill” Fall Playlist

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m hands-down a huge indie/alternative rock and pop fanatic. My interest wasn’t some attempt to be less mainstream—because that’s not entirely what “indie” means—but it was more of a serendipitous attraction. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous playlist blog, I was born into and grew up around various types of music that were constantly played throughout the house. If it was after church. Music. Cleaning the house. Music. Car rides just ten minutes from the house. Music. Evening idleness. Music. So I like to blame my parents for my habit of...

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Survival Guide For Attending A Small College

I didn’t really put much thought into colleges–in the sense that I was not only interested in “x” type of schools. However, I did only apply, (and got accepted in), to private colleges and universities, but the sizes varied from Occidental College and Millsaps College to Chapman University and Southern Methodist University. I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what a “private, liberal arts college” felt like—I just thought school was school, and as long as the people were friendly and I learned something, then I would be okay. A lot of my friends went to state schools, so...

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The Important Questions

As the deadline for applications for the Class of 2020 heads closer (1 more day!), I wanted to take a minute to address the important yet always unanswered questions that I had when I first started visiting colleges. 1: The Food I’m pretty sure that tour guides at every college memorize what to say when someone asks about the dining hall food.  They always say: “You just have to be creative and there’s always something you’ll want to eat!” Let’s be honest.  After all my classes are over at 12:50, I am starving.  I am not willing to be...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 2)

Now, continuing on with the proposed, first five Things I Wish I Knew Before College list, the remaining five are as followed. 6. Don’t Overestimate Your Free Time As glorious as the trimester schedule can be at times (and challenging at others), try to refrain from being idle with your time. Due dates are closer than they appear and the days go by quickly. Take baby steps and work on assignments bit by bit, though it’s easier said than done. Even if it’s just brainstorming what you want to write a paper on, doing the first two equations of your...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 1)

Freshmen year at college is fun and all (depending on what you make out of this  “new-found” freedom). In a general sense, first-year students either immediately love college life, are gradually liking it, or feel static in their pursuit of happiness on campus, and that’s fine. Everyone goes through life differently. With that being said, with careful consideration, I’ve cooked up a list of 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College for anyone to relate to or find some truth in. Here are the first 5: 1. It’s Okay Not to be Okay There’s no reason in the...

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Having my Car at Union

This year I’ve brought my car with me to Union, which has been incredibly useful. A yearly parking pass is only $15, which is incredible, and I’ve got a small parking lot right behind my house that I can use. I’ve taken a couple weekends to visit my family in Boston and to see my girlfriend at Penn State, and with my convenient Tuesday and Thursday class schedules I can take regular long weekends. I get to drive my little black 1988 Volvo 240 pretty often, and it does well on the long drives. I can also make trips to...

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Some Assembly Required

I guess the one thing that’s constantly put into question is “where do I belong in all of this.” As a freshman, you’re basically thrown into an already-standing status-quo of a campus. You’re learning who goes where, what doesn’t look right, and how to seem social without seeming like someone’s desperate cry for attention. Sometimes we’re taken advantage of and other times we’re undermined. For what reason? Well, leave that in the eyes of the beholder. I’m slowly, but surely, placing my feet where I think they belong. And if I miss a step or go too quickly, then...

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The Return of Rathskeller

My freshman and sophomore year, the Rathskeller, located below Old Chapel, was a dining staple. Whether it be late night bacon fries and burgers (open until 1 am on select nights), or a milkshake after lunch, Skeller was always an option. . . . . .Until the summer before last when it flooded. Tragedy was upon us. They kept saying it would be renovated. . .by the end of Fall Term 2014, the end of Winter Term 2015. . .mid Spring Term 2015. . .alas, it was not in business for any of my junior year. This year, though,...

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6 Life Lessons for the Summer In Between

Being a high school graduate is strange.  So is being a college freshman.  What’s weirder is how to navigate the transition between these identities.  As someone who is counting down the last two weeks until I arrive on campus, I can think of a few major lessons I’ve learned this summer.   1.  Summer will never be like in the movies. I’ve spent every single summer saying, “This summer will be the best one yet, we’re going to do so many crazy things!”  I think we all want one of those summers we can look back at like it’s...

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