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I have been speaking with a lot of my fellow seniors recently and we have all came to the same conclusion: we are just not on top of things like we used to be. Now, this is unfortunately not a function of partying too hard or enjoying being a senior too much (if only!), but something about this year is especially difficult when it comes to managing time. I am a workaholic (I have admitted that before here and the proof can be found here), but despite my constant chipping away at work, I have found myself time and...

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interview prep

While I feel pretty confident in my interview skills (see some tips here), they’re kind of like chocolates, in that you can never have too many! Looking forward to my trip on Friday, my mom sent me a link to a very helpful blog post from the Times Union online. I am familiar with a lot of the listed interview questions (or have been asked them in real life!), but here are a few that I found particularly compelling:   13. What changes would you make to your college or university? 24. How do you spend college vacations? 44....

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nyc startup job fair

Senior year has been a little bit scary so far. Between working on my Senior Thesis and diving into the job search, I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. I find that I crank through my days pretty well, but once the sun sets I feel like everything is upside down. That being said, maybe a little bit of discomfort is what I need right now? I went into my summer fully thinking that I would love my job and be set for  life after college. But, everything happens for a reason and sometimes you have great learning...

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the college schedule

One of the biggest questions I had coming into college was what my daily schedule would look like. I couldn’t wrap my head around anything but my 7am-4pm high school day. I would beg my parents, “Yeah, but what will I do all day?!” And they would answer (correctly), “Well, when you’re not in class, you’ll be studying, and when you’re not studying, you’ll be doing clubs, and when you’re not doing clubs, you’ll be hanging out with friends.” But, I still couldn’t get it. Now, however, I do. And I’ll tell you something: I love it! So for all...

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work or “work?”

I want to share with you one of my most secret, semi-irrational fears: I might be an inefficient worker. Sometimes when I’m doing homework on the weekends and hear my neighbors hanging out or watching TV in the middle of the day I wonder, “Do they not have any homework? Am I simply a busier student? Do I just like doing homework more? Or — gasp! — am I bad at doing homework?” I might never know! See, I honestly enjoy doing homework (my mom is a bit of a workaholic too, so I guess it makes sense), but why does it sometimes feel like I don’t have time for anything else? Granted, I’m including club and job responsibilities in this definition of “homework,” but isn’t it odd that while most students’ back-to-school goals include “get better grades” and “watch less TV” mine include “work less” and “watch more TV?” I’m not even joking — one of my goals this term was to commit myself to watching a TV show (Please note: I still have not come any closer to completing this goal as of yet…). College work is interesting in that one wants to complete all of the work (not only because it’s interesting, but because you’re paying for it), but at the same time there must be some “optimal” amount of input effort in order to secure the same...

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thesis research

It has begun: I’ve technically had thesis for just a single week, but I’ve already learned that time is of the essence. My first meeting with my thesis advisor was casual and contained all of the cordial and customary How-was-your-summer?-s and What-might-you-be-interested-in?-s, but meeting two was down to business. I needed to have some preliminary research done, and considering that I just nailed down my topic two days earlier, this was bit of a frightening undertaking. But, to my surprise, the process was surprisingly rewarding!! I began with the classic Jstor, EBSCOHost, and EconLit searches, which churned out some...

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hard work

Yesterday I attended our Becker Career Center‘s first Senior Orientation of the term. It was great, but also really scary. See, I spent all summer thinking about my future (working 14 hours-a-day in corporate America can do that to you…) and living in the “real” world and it’s not an easy thing to wrap one’s head around! Sure, in college we have classes and tests and a million clubs and social stresses, but we have it so easy; working after college is forever — there’s no school calendar, there are no periodic breaks, there’s no opportunity to say, “hey, it’s...

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cat classes

Woohoo! Union’s fall term is finally under way and I am happy to say that I am psyched about all of my classes this term! Here is what I have on my class schedule: Monetary Economics — We will be spending the term reviewing major macroeconomic events that have occurred throughout history, learning more about the intricacies of how the Federal Reserve handles monetary policy, and studying how the idea of “money” around the world affects real things in the economy like growth and unemployment. I am excited about this course because it is almost exactly what I did this...

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My mistakes

Last week, the weather in Schenectady was really odd. It rained a lot and the temperature dropped down  to 50 degrees. I enjoy rain so when it started raining, I was running and biking in the rain for fun. I did that for two days before I realized that I was getting sick. By the end of last week, I had a fever and a sore throat. This weekend was just not fun. I was slowly getting worst. I decided not to go to health services because I figured that I would be fine. This morning, when I got up,...

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Most students at Union fear week 5 — it marks the halfway point of our term and, more notoriously, midterms. But it usually isn’t week 5 that gets me, it’s the few following weeks; by about week 7 (i.e. NOW) I really start to burn out. The work is finally well under way in all of my classes, we’re way beyond any review periods, and end-of-term projects begin to loom ominously in the not-too-far distance. It’s weeks like these that I have to remind myself why things are the way they are. As irrational and as pointless as the hectic schedule...

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