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College Expectations Vs. Reality

Although, it’s still early in the term—and the workload hasn’t been a complete walk in the park—I’m still keeping my head above water…well, at least, trying to. However, there have been specific moments on campus that I think many college students could relate to, when their Expectations didn’t quite match up with Reality (think along the lines of 500 Days of Summer if you may):   Expectation: Eating all your major food groups for nearly every meal at the dining hall; Making wise eating choices to refrain from excess weight gain; Eating a salad a day; Finishing your whole...

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The Important Questions

As the deadline for applications for the Class of 2020 heads closer (1 more day!), I wanted to take a minute to address the important yet always unanswered questions that I had when I first started visiting colleges. 1: The Food I’m pretty sure that tour guides at every college memorize what to say when someone asks about the dining hall food.  They always say: “You just have to be creative and there’s always something you’ll want to eat!” Let’s be honest.  After all my classes are over at 12:50, I am starving.  I am not willing to be...

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Scratching Away the Rainy Days

It’s been pretty rainy at Union this week…that means a lot of time indoors to sit around with your roommates. Once all the movies and TV shows run out (trust me, it can happen!), my roommates and I like to sit around and do scratch art. Originally i bought the box of colorful paper hidden by black film as a generic christmas gift to “that friend who gives you something and you didn’t get them something”. I always need to have something on deck just in case. But i kept it for myself once I realized how much fun it could be. Now...

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They Call Me “Mom”

After the first week here at Union College, I’ve learned a lot about my fellow Webbies (students in the Webster Hall dorm). We come from all over the world, and we all have our own unique personalities that make our nights full of silly pranks, constant, playful teasing, and vivid conversations. In all honesty, we’re not at all close to our generic stereotype of goody-two shoes. Yes, we do take our studies seriously, but it’s not like we constantly have our heads buried in our books or walk around avoiding social interaction with those who do drink alcohol. As...

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Satisfying Our Hunger In Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary was one of my favorite places to visit on my study abroad! The food was absolutely incredible and I enjoyed visiting the thermal baths, the Alexander Book Cafe, and visiting a church that was built into a hill! Read about my experiences here! 🙂

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6 Life Lessons for the Summer In Between

Being a high school graduate is strange.  So is being a college freshman.  What’s weirder is how to navigate the transition between these identities.  As someone who is counting down the last two weeks until I arrive on campus, I can think of a few major lessons I’ve learned this summer.   1.  Summer will never be like in the movies. I’ve spent every single summer saying, “This summer will be the best one yet, we’re going to do so many crazy things!”  I think we all want one of those summers we can look back at like it’s...

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Upper Valentine’s Dinner

Each year around Valentine’s day there is a raffle in Upperclass Dining Hall. You enter when you walk in for a romantic Valentine’s day dinner for two that will be catered by Upper staff. This year I was lucky enough to be one of the ten people who won. I brought my roommate after a long day of skiing at Mt. Snow. We got both the steak and the salmon and split them both. We were so full by the end that we couldn’t even finish our chocolate-dipped strawberries and...

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The 5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned Living Off-Campus

As much as I hate to say it, this is my final year at Union. Just in case you haven’t noticed from any of my previous posts, I am obsessed with Union. Like, the same level of that line in the classic Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, It Takes Two: that can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff…that’s how I feel about Union. However, as sad as the prospect of leaving Union feels, it also brings plenty of new adventures. So far, my biggest has been living off campus and independently for...

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Theme House Family Dinners

Every Monday, our house gets together for a house meeting. Rather than let these mandatory meetings slip into dry monotony every week, we’ve done what we did in past years and had a house dinner at the same time. Every week a different floor cooks a dish for the rest of the house, currently nine people total, taking into account dietary restrictions. We’ve had a few different types of vegetable stir fry with and without meat on the side, a pasta dish with shrimp, and even a huge plate of nachos. House meetings aren’t just protocol, they’re a sort...

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Theme Housing

Over the past few weeks at Arts House, the theme house that I live in, we’ve been reconfiguring our housing for next year. Ten people live in Arts House, but because some people are graduating and others are moving out, we’re left with only four people who are going to be in the house next year. We’ve had a lot of slack to pick up, but luckily we were met with a good group of applicants who we think could benefit Arts House and the art scene on campus. Our applicants had a lot of good ideas for new...

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