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Falling In Love With Fall

Colors, Colors, Everywhere The trees and sky have never looked so vibrant. There’s so much greenery around campus, that when the leaves change colors to vibrant reds and oranges and yellows, it’s almost impossible to not stop and stare. I enjoy walking around campus and seeing how all the colors complement each other. Although Robert Frost wrote that “nature’s first green is gold,” I’m still appreciating the fall leaves before her “hardest hue” comes back again in the Spring; perhaps, it’s best if gold doesn’t stay.   Let’s Get Pump(k)in! The endless array of pumpkin pies on sale literally...

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How Not to College

First of all, it’s Accepted Student Day season! I love being able to see high school students touring Union and trying to picture themselves here in the fall.  That led me to thinking about things that I wish I had known to do differently and things I wish I were better at.  So here are a few of things not to do, courtesy of me, the one who does them. Don’t let your dishes pile up.  I don’t care if they’re just 7 Nalgene bottles you just haven’t rinsed out, do it ASAP or you will never do them....

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Jazz at Proctors Theater

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra led by Wynton Marsalis. They performed for an hour and a half at Proctors Theater in downtown Schenectady, and they were a real treat to get to see live. The 15-piece brought big band boom and new life to classic pieces by composers like Dizzy Gillespie and Dave Brubeck (a personal favorite of mine), as well as some more contemporary works written by members of the orchestra itself. All fifteen of the players are soloists, and each had a chance to show their prowess at least once...

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Halloweekend at Union College

Halloween is a pretty big deal here. I don’t know anyone who didn’t dress up last weekend for at least 1 night. I did it for two nights. It’s always fun to try to get creative and do something different, even though I’ve just realized that essentially nobody notices or remembers what you’re wearing. Anyways, here are some pictures of what I went as this year– see if you can guess what the costumes are.                                          ...

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Changing Seasons

It’s been kind of crazy weather for the past few weeks now. I bundle up because most of the time it is freezing outside. This causes problems because inside is so warm. I am sweating as I write this. Also, though, there have been random days where a coat isn’t even necessary. There was a hailstorm while I was visiting a friend, and it was snowing in Colonie the other day. I know this is just a transition period before the cold, cold winter, but it’s definitely throwing me for a...

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homecoming and gone

Well, Union’s annual Homecoming and Family weekend has unfortunately already come and gone. We literally had the best weather ever this weekend and I don’t know if our campus has ever looked more beautiful (which is saying something, because we might have the most beautiful college campus in the northeast). I was looking forward to myriad things this weekend (here was my little list), but of course the things you enjoy most about a weekend are never the things you expect; I went to Bowtie Cinemas in Downtown Schenectady on Friday to see Gravity which was incredible and terrifying (but...

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a very welcome weekend

This weekend marks Union’s annual Homecoming and Family Weekend. While a lot of other colleges and universities have their fall breaks right about now, I think we’re even luckier to be able to invite our friends and family to our beautiful campus this weekend to celebrate a new school year and new possibilities. There is an incredible number of events going on this weekend, but if you have to prioritize just a special few, here are my top picks:   Friday 10/11: 12:50-2:05pm — Pilates with Christine Geren — Not only is this going to be a super fun,...

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cat classes

Woohoo! Union’s fall term is finally under way and I am happy to say that I am psyched about all of my classes this term! Here is what I have on my class schedule: Monetary Economics — We will be spending the term reviewing major macroeconomic events that have occurred throughout history, learning more about the intricacies of how the Federal Reserve handles monetary policy, and studying how the idea of “money” around the world affects real things in the economy like growth and unemployment. I am excited about this course because it is almost exactly what I did this...

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