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Freshman Vs. Senior Year (at College)

For many students, the exciting thing about coming to college is prospectively experiencing a “This-Is-Me” type of transformation; goodbye, adolescence, hello adulthood. But before adulthood comes knocking on your door, college offers its own sense of change in the short four years that you’re there. It might not be something obvious—more than likely, it will be ambiguous and gradual—but your behavior, opinions and overall mentality about the world will have some change.   Below I’ve collected reflective commentary from senior and junior students on campus about their differences in behavior, opinions, and overall mentality since freshman year (*All responses...

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Whatever the Weather

Winter Term definitely has come with its own twist and turns. From new faces and new classes to a new change in weather. More than anything, the new climate is something I’d long forgotten since my last winters in New York from when I was six. I remember being incredibly in love with the snow, as many kids tend to be, and begging to stay outside longer to play in the snow—dressed up as an oversized Teletubbie as my fingers and toes went numb. Even now, I don’t mind the cold weather and snow during my late night walks from...

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As a senior at college, I feel like this year was one of my last years to really go all out for Halloween. As such, I took advantage of three nights, though I am most satisfied with my Friday and Saturday costumes. On Friday night I was petulance, one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, alongside war, death, and famine.   On Saturday night, in trend with my social media emoji costume last year, I was one of the snapchat filters. My friend and I painted our faces like the puking rainbow snapchat that was very popular earlier...

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A Birthday at Union

Birthdays are kind of a big deal. They are bigger this year because Junior year is usually when everyone turns 21. There are three main spots where people go for this big day, all based on the fact that these places give out free drinks. Zen, an Asian restaurant on State Street, gives a scorpion bowl. It is a huge bowl of sweetness. The other guests can enjoy mojitos (2 for 1 during happy hour) along with some great food. Bomber’s is right above Zen. At Bomber’s they give out a huge birthday margarita in the biggest margarita glass...

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Halloweekend at Union College

Halloween is a pretty big deal here. I don’t know anyone who didn’t dress up last weekend for at least 1 night. I did it for two nights. It’s always fun to try to get creative and do something different, even though I’ve just realized that essentially nobody notices or remembers what you’re wearing. Anyways, here are some pictures of what I went as this year– see if you can guess what the costumes are.                                          ...

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snow wear

There is no question that winter is upon us in Schenectady, NY. With highs in the single digits (and lower) and West Beach looking more like an ice rink than our beloved Springfest playground, a current Union student’s biggest issue right now (second only to “how in the world am I going to convince myself to leave my room today?”) is how to dress for this weather. Granted, I grew up here, but walking across a campus all day is much different than running to and from a car parked in front of a high school or warm home…...

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This weekend my little sister, Maddy, had her junior prom! One great benefit of going to school so close to home is that I was able to help her out with every step of the process. I helped her find the perfect dress, gave her the “ok” on the perfect shoes, found perfectly matching earrings, and spent a lot of time with the local florist explaining exactly how I wanted her date’s corsage to look. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us and she really did look stunning in the end! Ultimately, I was just...

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Alex and Ani is teaming up with Tri-Delt for St. Jude!

As some of you may know from religiously reading my blog, my sorority’s (Delta Delta Delta) philanthropy is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. After reaching out to the Alex and Ani store in Saratoga, our wonderful Philanthropy Chair (you go Aubri Oliphant!) organized a fun event for our sisters and friends. Tonight, Alex and Ani will be opening its doors to the sisters of TriDelta Beta Psi to serve some yummy snacks and let us peruse the jewelry they have for sale. The best part? 15% of the sales from our event will be donated to St. Jude! If...

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weekend recap

I treated myself to a trip home this past weekend. We just made it through week 6 here at Union and I was definitely in need of some family (and couch!) time. Granted I did school work for the majority of my weekend, but I did make some time for fun. Starting in the upper left-hand corner and going clockwise here is what I did: 1. My new Sperrys finally arrived! It’s still a bit too cold to rock them in the 12308, but they were meant to get wet, right? 2. Explored the Shaker Bay housing complex that overlooks the Mohawk River....

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