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Looking Back

It’s the middle of spring term! It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that I have almost finished my freshman year at Union, because it feels like only a few weeks ago I was introducing myself to everyone on campus. Prospective students might be asking (like I was), what is Union really like? Sure, you’ve been to open houses, tours, you’ve read all the statistics. But all of that seems useless when you really can’t experience what life is really like here. When I was looking at colleges, I dreamed of having a one-week trial at every...

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How Not to College

First of all, it’s Accepted Student Day season! I love being able to see high school students touring Union and trying to picture themselves here in the fall.  That led me to thinking about things that I wish I had known to do differently and things I wish I were better at.  So here are a few of things not to do, courtesy of me, the one who does them. Don’t let your dishes pile up.  I don’t care if they’re just 7 Nalgene bottles you just haven’t rinsed out, do it ASAP or you will never do them....

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It’s spring term!  Which means a clean slate, warm weather and everything is turning green again!  I’m so extremely thankful that spring is finally here.  But it’s a little less exciting when you have incomplete courses to finish (like me). I left winter term early due to a family emergency which ultimately led to my mother passing away.  My mother is my best friend, so it isn’t an easy thing to get through. Now I have last term’s courses to finish while I dive into this term.  It’s a little stressful, to say the least.  But I really want to take the...

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“Oh, So Fresh” Playlist

I’m an absolute music junky. I grew up around a wide array of tunes from Classical, Reggae, African beats, Gospel, Oldies, Jazz, 70s pop, and Hymnals to my own musical endeavors of Classic Rock, Indie rock, Pop, Rap, R&B. Most of the time on campus you will most likely see me with my earphones wherever I go. It’s as essential as my school ID.  Some weekends I like to listen to the songs of my childhood, meaning the forgotten, over-played, nostalgic Disney Channel tunes, Children’s TV show soundtracks, and occasional 90s pop. But college should come with its own...

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The Important Questions

As the deadline for applications for the Class of 2020 heads closer (1 more day!), I wanted to take a minute to address the important yet always unanswered questions that I had when I first started visiting colleges. 1: The Food I’m pretty sure that tour guides at every college memorize what to say when someone asks about the dining hall food.  They always say: “You just have to be creative and there’s always something you’ll want to eat!” Let’s be honest.  After all my classes are over at 12:50, I am starving.  I am not willing to be...

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Back With U

Today marks the second Monday of winter term.  It was 10 degrees this morning at 8 AM. But despite the lovely weather, this term will be my second at Union and I feel completely comfortable and so happy to be back.  One thing about first term as a freshman is that you plan to have all this time to do whatever you want.  Yet in reality it seems like you’re busy all the time even if you only have a few extracurriculars.  Basically, you have to learn time management.  Going into my second term I feel ready to take on...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 2)

Now, continuing on with the proposed, first five Things I Wish I Knew Before College list, the remaining five are as followed. 6. Don’t Overestimate Your Free Time As glorious as the trimester schedule can be at times (and challenging at others), try to refrain from being idle with your time. Due dates are closer than they appear and the days go by quickly. Take baby steps and work on assignments bit by bit, though it’s easier said than done. Even if it’s just brainstorming what you want to write a paper on, doing the first two equations of your...

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5 Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the daily struggle to get out of bed and act like a real human being is too much to handle.  So I have decided to document a few acts of kindness that have happened to me or around me over the course of the past few weeks in order to remember that humans are great things.  I hope this list ultimately give us all the strength and positivity we need to get up and go to class (only a few more classes left!) 1. Freshmen get $200 in declining to spend at any on-campus venue that sells food...

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College–(Part 1)

Freshmen year at college is fun and all (depending on what you make out of this  “new-found” freedom). In a general sense, first-year students either immediately love college life, are gradually liking it, or feel static in their pursuit of happiness on campus, and that’s fine. Everyone goes through life differently. With that being said, with careful consideration, I’ve cooked up a list of 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College for anyone to relate to or find some truth in. Here are the first 5: 1. It’s Okay Not to be Okay There’s no reason in the...

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Pre-O and O at the U

Twenty days ago I loaded up my car and drove two and a half hours west to Schenectady, New York.  It feels like it was so much longer than that now, because everything has fallen completely into place and I feel completely at home here.  It’s amazing how many things I’ve done and people I’ve met in such a short time.  I really haven’t been homesick at all, and most people feel the same way. My first day was the first day of Community Service Pre-Orientation.  I highly highly recommend this program to anyone who is coming to Union....

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