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So, here it is, the first week as a college freshman and honestly, my emotions have never felt so intertwined as they do right now. I’ve gone from ecstatic to hopeless to nervous all in under twenty-four hours, and often times, all three hit me in a heartbeat. Although I would love to refrain from the typical “first-day of school” standpoint, my options are fairly slim at the moment. Back tracking all of this, my emotions and mental state-of-mind played a significant part in my preparation for college. I’d known for years that I would travel out-of-state to attend...

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6 Life Lessons for the Summer In Between

Being a high school graduate is strange.  So is being a college freshman.  What’s weirder is how to navigate the transition between these identities.  As someone who is counting down the last two weeks until I arrive on campus, I can think of a few major lessons I’ve learned this summer.   1.  Summer will never be like in the movies. I’ve spent every single summer saying, “This summer will be the best one yet, we’re going to do so many crazy things!”  I think we all want one of those summers we can look back at like it’s...

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How to Survive Freshman Year

Hey Guys! As we enter the 10th week of Spring term, I with mixed feelings bid goodbye to a crazy year at Union College. As long as it seemed to be while we were going through it, in hindsight it seems to have flown right past me. This post is especially for the incoming class of Freshmen, and I hope they will read this post as they check out Union Unfiltered, the voice of Union students. Even though coming to College is a HUGE transition in your life, it is also an amazing experience, that not many people have the opportunity to have. It is not only the education you gain that adds immense value to you but the friends you makes, and all the wild things you do in these four years that make lifelong memories, shaping you in many ways for years to come. So this is for YOU, my tips to survive Freshmen year without going absolutely insane. 1. Do Not Try too Hard to fit in. This is ultimately what gets people by the end of the year, leaving them taxed and frustrated. You do not need to try too hard to make friends, go out of your way to please people and pretend to be someone you’re not. As cliche as it might sound, it is those people who stay true to themselves who...

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Discussing “Hooking Up”

I debated for quite some time on whether to write about what I am going to write about today since the topic is so controversial. However, this is college, and college is all about new ideas and expressing those that aren’t widely spoken of or those that are kept in the dark for certain reasons. In any case, I thought, since I am taking a class that discusses this, why not talk about it here, and speak about a topic that surprised me in its depth. I am currently taking a class on the modern idea of sex, love, and marriage. My teacher, who happens to be surprisingly flexible in the subjects she is willing to talk about, started the class off with a topic that she thought we as college students would love to talk about. This subject was the ritual of hooking up. Of course, the fact that hooking up is now a term that is being analyzed and studied by anthropologists and sociologists is beyond interesting. After talking about what we thought hooking up could be defined as, our professor gave us a few readings and a book that thoroughly described the “ritual” of hooking up, what happens before, what happens after, and the meaning of it all. I could go on and on describing the books, summarizing the conversations we had as a class. However,...

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Two Weeks

It’s actually happened (pretty much). I am so close to being done with my freshman year, but I feel like it’s been wayyyy to short for a whole school year. Every year goes by more quickly than the last, and it’s really starting to freak me out. I’ve learned so much this, met some of my best friends ever, and managed to do 4 of the traditions (so far). Though I really am so ready for summer, it’s just the strangest feeling to be leaving here (for what feels like) so soon. Here are some photos of some of...

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