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Putting the “Home” in Homecoming Weekend

This past Homecoming weekend, I had the delight of spending time with my mum on campus. The last time my mum was on campus was for Freshman Move-In day last year, which wasn’t much of a visit. I’m glad she’d spent a few nights in Schenectady so she could get a feel of the campus, my classes, and just my overall college experience. On Friday, her flight came in the afternoon and we immediately had dinner at Rathskeller, because it is one of my go-to places to eat and hang-out on campus. Then I gave her a simple tour of...

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Whatever the Weather

Winter Term definitely has come with its own twist and turns. From new faces and new classes to a new change in weather. More than anything, the new climate is something I’d long forgotten since my last winters in New York from when I was six. I remember being incredibly in love with the snow, as many kids tend to be, and begging to stay outside longer to play in the snow—dressed up as an oversized Teletubbie as my fingers and toes went numb. Even now, I don’t mind the cold weather and snow during my late night walks from...

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Trimesters at Union

Let’s take a few minutes to talk about trimesters. Something that sets Union apart from most colleges and universities in America is its trimester system. Contrary to the norm, we have three terms instead of two and we take three classes for ten weeks each. This works out so we get a six-week winter break from Thanksgiving to just after New Year’s, and while we get out a little later in the summer, we don’t have to go back to school until early September. By the time we’re out of school for Thanksgiving break, we’ve completely finished with our...

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Having my Car at Union

This year I’ve brought my car with me to Union, which has been incredibly useful. A yearly parking pass is only $15, which is incredible, and I’ve got a small parking lot right behind my house that I can use. I’ve taken a couple weekends to visit my family in Boston and to see my girlfriend at Penn State, and with my convenient Tuesday and Thursday class schedules I can take regular long weekends. I get to drive my little black 1988 Volvo 240 pretty often, and it does well on the long drives. I can also make trips to...

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6 Life Lessons for the Summer In Between

Being a high school graduate is strange.  So is being a college freshman.  What’s weirder is how to navigate the transition between these identities.  As someone who is counting down the last two weeks until I arrive on campus, I can think of a few major lessons I’ve learned this summer.   1.  Summer will never be like in the movies. I’ve spent every single summer saying, “This summer will be the best one yet, we’re going to do so many crazy things!”  I think we all want one of those summers we can look back at like it’s...

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Restaurant Review: Homestyle

I’ve been trying to eat at more places in Schenectady lately. The other night my friend texted me saying she really wanted pizza, so we went out to get some. We called first and then went to pick it up, but they could have delivered if we wanted to. Homestyle is just a few minutes away from Union by car. It’s right up Union Street near McDonalds. The pizza was ready on time. We got half cheese and half buffalo chicken. Though not extraordinary pizza, it was definitely pizza and definitely ok. I’m not a huge pizza fan, so...

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Friends After Graduation

On weekends, my girlfriend and I have been rotating buying round-trip Greyhound tickets between Schenectady and Framingham, Massachusetts. I’m still studying here at Union and she’s teaching in my hometown, so when we visit each other I can see my family and she can see her friends from Union. Last weekend it was my turn to take the bus ride, and after a few hours spent reading and reviewing for a midterm, I was home. That Saturday, we decided to go and visit a friend of mine, Mike, who I met at a radio club meeting two years ago....

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Never a Dull Moment

I spent the Spring in Russia on a term abroad with Union College, which Mary wrote a bit about. I haven’t been back at Union since March, and having spent the summer again on Star Island, coming back to the world of academia is a bit of a shock. I’ve involved myself in quite a bit on campus, and it’s proving to be pretty overwhelming. I’m still finding time to do things I’d like to do outside of WRUC, Russian Club, Theme House, and class obligations. I find that’s how I keep my sanity. Even if it’s just having enough...

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Tomorrow I will be flying down to Naples, Florida to visit my grandmother. I am bringing my boyfriend and we’re meeting my twin sister down there (who also goes to a trimester school and just happens to have the exact same spring break as us — what luck!). While I am most excited just to have time off after a grueling 10-week term (hello, finishing my senior thesis…), there are countless other things I am looking forward to: catching up with my grandmother, seeing my sister, swimming in the ocean, laying out on the beach, reading books for fun,...

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Spring Break

Hey Guys So it’s finals week. Yay!!!. Just messin with y’all, don’t kill me. As we have been told growing up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and ladies and gentlemen, let me reassure you that I see a glimmer right there. Yes all of you, engineering, economics, math, physics, chem, pre-med majors have finally reached the culmination of what has seemed like an endless toil. And for the rest of you guys, c’mon I’m sure the term was a joke. I kid, I kid. I’m a political science major and myself had an intellectually charged term full of papers, quizzes, exposure to a confusingly large number of ideologies that I had to spend a considerable amount of time pondering over. However, we’re almost there . The Sun is about to shine brighter than it has the past 3 months, and we’re all about to indulge in 10 days of complete hedonism. I cannot stress on how much I am looking forward to this break. So this is my message to all of you to go out, take a break from all the stress, reconnect with your friends and family, have an absolutely amazing time. Read a new book, try a new cuisine, go for a hike, make a trip to the beach, jam, go for a concert, anything that excites you, cause I am...

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