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“Don’t Throw Out Your Back #Throwback” Playlist

I know that there are other students who share my love for the so-called “oldies” (songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s), but these songs really aren’t so outdated as the younger generation might take them to be. Below is a collection of 26 songs that I think any college student could relate to (whether it be for partying, sex, crushes/relationships, or just being young and cutting loose), but I do wish this list could be longer. Yeah, the dances at frats today seem a bit provocative—or not much dancing, but jumping—however, for the most part, songs about dancing...

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Spring Break

Hey Guys So it’s finals week. Yay!!!. Just messin with y’all, don’t kill me. As we have been told growing up, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and ladies and gentlemen, let me reassure you that I see a glimmer right there. Yes all of you, engineering, economics, math, physics, chem, pre-med majors have finally reached the culmination of what has seemed like an endless toil. And for the rest of you guys, c’mon I’m sure the term was a joke. I kid, I kid. I’m a political science major and myself had an intellectually charged term full of papers, quizzes, exposure to a confusingly large number of ideologies that I had to spend a considerable amount of time pondering over. However, we’re almost there . The Sun is about to shine brighter than it has the past 3 months, and we’re all about to indulge in 10 days of complete hedonism. I cannot stress on how much I am looking forward to this break. So this is my message to all of you to go out, take a break from all the stress, reconnect with your friends and family, have an absolutely amazing time. Read a new book, try a new cuisine, go for a hike, make a trip to the beach, jam, go for a concert, anything that excites you, cause I am...

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An International Dining Experience

Let’s put it out there. I am a  FOODIE. To me, there is no greater joy than eating flavorful, wholesome food made using fresh, aromatic ingredients, at the end of the day. Just Kidding, sunrise, sunshine and anytime in the middle. As you would imagine, no dining hall on campus henceforth satisfies my insatiable desire for Good good. Also, I ran out of declining only 3 weeks ago, so life’s been rough. Last week however, god decided to bless me with several opportunities to dine in heaven, opportunities I made the most of, #gluttony #becomingfat #whocares #foodislife. Here is a documentation of my glorious food almost-week, feel jealous. 1. Last Sunday Afternoon, my friend decided to go buy ingredients from the farmers market next to Proctors, to cook a traditional Haitian meal. We spent a lazy Sunday in the kitchen, making hot n spicy pork chilly (best I ever had), and an interesting kind of rice dish with bacon (need I say more), onions, garlic and vegetables. That meal was devoured by 5 people over the course of an hour, with some great beverages 😉 2. Monday night, still very much out of declining balance, I called my friend in Wold house. We decided to make pasta for dinner. We went and bought flour, milk, cheese and chicken from Reamer, and made an amazing pasta in white sauce. Rich...

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Traveling in Europe

So for the past 8 days I have been traveling in Europe during my French university’s week long break, called La Vacances de la Toussaints.  I’m not sure what exactly All Saint’s Day (Toussaints = all saints) is, but I know it’s November 1st and apparently the biggest weekend of travel in France, according to my host family.  Whatever it is, I can’t complain because here in France it gives me a week free of classes and so many things to see. First stop on my week long adventure: Milan, Italy!  I’ve been to a good number of countries...

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Orientation from a different perspective

Spring term of last year I applied to be an Orientation Advisor….and I got the position! That means that this year I moved in a week early and then helped all the first-years get “oriented” with Union and everything it has to offer. Being an OA was a great experience. I met so many people I hadn’t met before because the first few days being here were orientation training. That meant that all the OA’s got together and did team building exercises and learned about the school and hung out and learned games to play and ways to connect...

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Saturday morning was great, in a way. I got up at 8 because I was supposed to accompany a friend to pick up his friend to come up. But then that didn’t work out so I was just awake at 8. SO we went to breakfast, which was lovely. All I wanted to do was go swimming. And not in a pool, especially not indoors. I just wanted to go to a lake and wouldn’t stop talking about it. And then my friend Emily was just like “we could go to Lake George right now. Let me call my...

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A Very Successful Birthday!

Yesterday (May 30th) I turned twenty years old! While I was originally a bit bummed that I’d have to spend my birthday on campus as opposed to somewhere a bit more relaxing (read: the beach), my friends made my birthday absolutely worthwhile! Since Thursday was one of the hottest days of the week (it was in the 80s!) my friends and I spent plenty of time outdoors and in The Gardens (which I’ve talked about before here). I, of course, had my camera with me (do I ever not have it with me these days?) And so my friends and I...

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Third-term Surprise

Right around finals week every term I get a great surprise. This term it was a little early, but it still managed to majorly interrupt my pre-final homework load. No biggie, though. The surprise: My best friends from home come and visit. We always just have so much fun when they come. They only stayed a few nights and they left just a short time ago, but they always leave a major impact on my life at Union. This time, we did some homework (well, I did while they sat there), we helped a friend with an art project,...

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Two Weeks

It’s actually happened (pretty much). I am so close to being done with my freshman year, but I feel like it’s been wayyyy to short for a whole school year. Every year goes by more quickly than the last, and it’s really starting to freak me out. I’ve learned so much this, met some of my best friends ever, and managed to do 4 of the traditions (so far). Though I really am so ready for summer, it’s just the strangest feeling to be leaving here (for what feels like) so soon. Here are some photos of some of...

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All it was made out to be?

All year people had been talking about Spring term, and more specifically Springfest weekend. Finally, last weekend was Springfest, and it was all it was made out to be. There were three bands playing, and everyone was just outside having a good time. There were ice cream trucks, and there was sunshine. I was expecting a bounce house, but I’m not too upset that there wasn’t one.                           Dancing with Lucas at Springfest                            ...

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