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John Calvin Toll Day & the Kelly Adirondack Center

  John Calvin Toll Day is Union’s campus-wide day of service. This is a great event for both students and the community to come together and make new connections. This year, over 400 students took part at over 16 venues. This year was my second year volunteering, and once again it was a great day! My group went to the Kelly Adirondack Center where we were asked to cut back a trail to make it useable again for the public. It was great to be in the woods during autumn enjoying the crisp air. I loved it and all...

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Guest Post: La Mexicana: No-frills family joint, with love in every bite

Today’s featured blogger is Jessica Maung, ’18 – a Biochemistry major from Portland, OR. Learn more about Jessica here . La Mexicana Grocery & Restaurant (1759 State St.) is, hands-down, the most authentic Mexican food in Schenectady, and possibly even in the Capital Region. Margot Paulick, associate professor in the Chemistry Department and one of my thesis advisors, introduced me to this hole-in-the-wall joint. Margot attended graduate school at UC Berkeley and became a Mexican food connoisseur with her time there, developing taste buds for sharp spices and full flavor. She swears that La Mexicana is the best Mexican food that she’s...

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Guest Post: The Top 6 Places to Explore the Outdoors in the Schenectady Area

Today’s featured blogger is Abigail Lehner, ’18 – a Biology major from Colorado Springs, CO. Learn more about Abigail here .   Hiking at Plotter Kill Going on a hike at Plotter Kill Preserve is a must for Union students. The trail follows the Plotter Kill and you can walk past three waterfalls. This hike is very popular among students and is highly recommended.   Rock Climbing at The Edge Halfmoon There is a rock climbing gym about 20 minutes from Union’s campus. This is another popular stop for students and the school does trips to The Edge for free. The gym...

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Reflection on Bernie Sanders in Albany

Bernie Sanders has been a busy man. Yesterday he won the West Virginia Democratic primary by a margin of about 16%. Even though he lost the primary in New York on April 19, campaigned almost incessantly in the state, taking a short break to fly to the Vatican City for a meeting on climate change. I was lucky to hear about his April 11 rally in Albany only the day before it happened, and decided I would skip my evening geology class to see if I could make it into the rally. I ended up standing about thirty feet behind Bernie...

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25 Things Only Union Students Understand

The mess that is Dutch Hollow during common lunch. The Nott wind tunnel. Painting the Idol. Wings and Sticks Fridays at West. The Pyramid. Avoiding vendors in Reamer like it’s your job. “Oh so are you near NYC?” At least 77 of your Instagram pictures are the picture of the Nott with a sunset behind it. 1AM Skeller. Seeing ANY dog ever, especially if it’s that one that looks like a bear. 2AM walks of shame from the library. Almost every email in your inbox starts with [Campus Events]. The ridiculous wait before the Springfest lineup is released. It’s...

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Union’s Versatility for Events

One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success. In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on...

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Many Union students see Schenectady as a dirty city without much to offer.  That’s an easy assumption to make if you never leave campus.  In reality, Schenectady is an extremely iconic place, one that is finally on the uptrend again. Schenectady was often referred to as “The City that Lights and Hauls the World”.  That’s a pretty big title.  That title comes from the two major businesses in the area, General Electric and the American Locomotive Company.  Of course, these businesses outsourced and moved over time, but General Electric still has some business here.  There was a time where the city lost a lot of its luster due to the fact that the businesses largely went away, but now the city is seeing a lot of activity, especially downtown where a huge amount of new businesses are setting up shop.  Check Wikipedia to see its representation in popular culture. The city is large, with over 66,000 citizens reported in the 2010 Census.  There are many families that need help and use the local food pantries as a way to make sure their loved ones are fed.  The median household income is around $36,500 as of 2013.  This is much lower than New York’s median income of $57,000.  Many students from backgrounds that are much different than this may see Schenectady as a poor, unsafe city.  But that is, in my opinion, wrong....

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Punk Show at Union Signifies Diversity of Events

Something that makes Union’s event programming so diverse is the freedom of student involvement. We’re given opportunities to utilize club resources including budgets and spaces to hold events that we think will benefit student life at Union. I think not making use of these opportunities is a sore misuse of time at Union. I’ve involved myself with a number of clubs because I’ve enjoyed being a part of planning events and setting them into motion, and the satisfaction of seeing other students enjoying the events is part of the appeal for me as well. That’s why I’ve involved myself so...

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Birthday Weekend in Ithaca

Last weekend was one of my friends from high school’s 21st birthday! Since Ithaca isn’t far at all, I took the drive to visit her at school. It took about 3 hours or a little less. Her parents came and brought the most amazing cake, too!...

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look what some of our graduates will be doing!

Spring is just such a great time of year to be at Union. Not only is the weather perfect and the campus is even more beautiful than before (as if that was even possible!), but this time of year is filled with celebration: academic celebrations, social celebrations, past celebrations, and future celebrations! The Economics Department recently published its annual list of what some of its soon-to-be-graduates will be doing after school. I am proud to say that yours truly is on the list, but also check out all of my impressive peers! I don’t want to boast, but we’re killing...

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