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Feigenbaum Forum: Maya Lin

A few weeks ago in my Sophomore Research Seminar, my professor took a part of the class to watch some of a documentary about Maya Lin. As I would come to find out, Lin was the designer of the (controversial) Vietnam Veterans Memorial as well as the Civil Rights Memorial. She was only a senior at Yale when she designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her approach to memorialization and funerary objects is much different than many memorial pieces we see today, as it has much to do with raw emotion and connection. I was very excited when I learned that she was...

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25 Things Only Union Students Understand

The mess that is Dutch Hollow during common lunch. The Nott wind tunnel. Painting the Idol. Wings and Sticks Fridays at West. The Pyramid. Avoiding vendors in Reamer like it’s your job. “Oh so are you near NYC?” At least 77 of your Instagram pictures are the picture of the Nott with a sunset behind it. 1AM Skeller. Seeing ANY dog ever, especially if it’s that one that looks like a bear. 2AM walks of shame from the library. Almost every email in your inbox starts with [Campus Events]. The ridiculous wait before the Springfest lineup is released. It’s...

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How Not to College

First of all, it’s Accepted Student Day season! I love being able to see high school students touring Union and trying to picture themselves here in the fall.  That led me to thinking about things that I wish I had known to do differently and things I wish I were better at.  So here are a few of things not to do, courtesy of me, the one who does them. Don’t let your dishes pile up.  I don’t care if they’re just 7 Nalgene bottles you just haven’t rinsed out, do it ASAP or you will never do them....

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Fire Safety Day at the Nott

Union holds an annual Safety Day at the beginning of each year. This year, the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity worked together with Union fire safety to host a very successful safety day that was located on the grass between Reamer and the Nott. Representatives from external safety forces attended to educate students about all different topics of safety, including DWI awareness, defense training, and fire extinguisher training, among others. A culminating point is when the Schenectady Fire Department displayed the usefulness of fire sprinklers in rooms. They did this by setting up two exactly identical, life-size rooms and setting...

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Thank U

There are two days of classes left in Spring term, and one class left for me in my undergraduate career. I’ve had a lot of time over the past few weeks to reflect on my past four years here at Union and the only thing I can think of to say is: Thank You. During high school all you hear about is how college is the best four years of your life.  While I can’t speak to that now because I have no idea what will happen during the rest of my life, I can say that the past four...

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Networking Dinner with President’s Council

A couple weeks ago, all students were sent an email inviting us to a networking dinner. The first 40 students who replied were reserved spots to go. It was organized in a way that sat people with council members who were involved in our field of interest. I was seated at the table with a nonprofit/activism theme. We all discussed our interests and the President Council member helped us by talking about her experiences and giving us some contacts to reach out to. It was definitely an opportunity I’m glad I jumped upon, having no expectations of what it was...

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A Glimpse of Spring

It was a super cold winter this year, but it’s finally starting to warm up. Today was the day that I took off my long coat and put on a sweater and a vest instead (was a little too cold when I got outside, though). People are starting to walk with their heads up to the sun! There’s still snow, though more it melting each day. I’m really looking forward to spring term. Winter’s great for a while, but it gets pretty old by the...

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Back at the U

Going on a term abroad and then having the summer adds up to about six months away from Union. I am so glad to be back. I loved every minute of my term abroad and the summer, but there’s just something about coming back to Union that is so exciting. Of course, from day 1 everything has been full throttle. School work, jazz band, honor council, and various other clubs and activities have kept me very busy. I have not yet had the chance to voluntarily take a nap (the ones that accidentally happen while I’m doing work don’t...

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The Pursuit of Spring Term

This weekend, it was warm out. The sun came out and campus was full with happy vibes. And these are some picture that captured those moments.   Evan chilling outside of the library for a minute before he goes back in there. Sofia and Rachel eating lunch by the Nott. Bonnie being Bonnie by the Nott. Shades+Smile+ Reflection of me= Happy Spring Spring is here!!        ...

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Weekend recap

This weekend was very relaxing. I spent time cooking with the Bhangra club. Bhangra is a form of dance from India and some students on campus have a club for it. Since in the winter we don’t usually have shows. The club decided to cook some Indian food. The following day, I went to Shabbat dinner. It was great as usual but this time, I got the chance to taste some Israeli food, Shakshuka. I was unaware of Israeli cuisine till then. After eating this delicious egg in tomato sauce dish, I have decided to explore more Israeli cuisine. Until then, I will keep eating Shakshuka. Finally, I attempted to take a selfie with the Nott. It was nott my best selfie but it is worth a shot.  ...

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