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My favorite class at Union

I value education a lot. And one thing that I admire about Union is the professor and how you can find your interest here. Most people come to college to study something that they can make money with later. I am here to learn. I have no long-term goals. I believe in power of education. A well-educated mind allows you to find yourself. How much money I am making does not come before my personal happiness or enjoyment of my work. If I am happy doing something, I am happy to not get paid for it.   That might...

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my wonderful winter break

Can you believe that over six weeks ago I was sharing ideas for what to do over winter break? Now it’s already 2014 and we’re back in Schenectady for what will hopefully be another amazing 10-week term. While I am very excited to be back, I am definitely already a little nostalgic for my vacation fun… Here’s a peak at what my six weeks looked like: I spent the first half of my break in cool California. I flew into San Francisco, road tripped down to Pasadena to pick up my twin sister from Caltech, and then drove back...

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The Romanov Family

I’m sure many of you have heard of or read Buzzfeed. I skim through a few times a week, sometimes getting caught up for wuite a while, and sometimes not finding anything that feigns my interest. The other day I found a post with pictures of the Romanov family, the royal family in Russia at the time of the October Revolution. I went to the site where the pictures were from, and it’s great to look at them. Take a...

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Creativity Can Be Fun!

Are you creative? Do you love Photography? How about making new friends?  Well, if the answers are yes; I have got a surprise for you. Here at Union we have an extracurricular activity called Focus on First Year Program. It is a photography session held twice a month during common lunch hour usually on Wednesdays. The idea is that students in this program capture and reflect on their experiences as  freshmen at Union.  The theme of the photos varies. For example, we worked on themes such as: what I left behind, my first days at Union, anxiety and confidence, and Union unseen. Students have 15 days to combine their creativity, curiosity and personal experiences and take a picture that best reflects their take on the given theme.  They will get sufficient time in the class to talk when their photos pop up on the screen. It is more than just taking photos. Doing the assignments will give the students a chance to: –          Talk to people and make new friends. –          Explore the beautiful Union campus, and acquaint with the surrounding community. –          Get free food. –          Learn about new cultures. –          Share personal experiences. –          Know their creative selves. At the end of the fall term the best pictures will be selected to be part of a photo exhibition on campus. It is super...

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Homecoming Weekend

I didn’t really do anything for homecoming, but my mom did come to visit! We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do, so we decided to play it by ear. When looking over the different things going on for the day, we saw that there were family photos being taken at Abbe Hall. It said we should have made a reservation, but we went anyways and they were happy to take us. Anyways, I’d never been to Abbe Hall, nor did I even know where it was. My mom is obsessed with houses and furniture and everything so...

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Am I a professional yet?

While I was in Senegal this summer, I realized that I really like taking pictures. It was a fun way to kill time and a great way to capture memories. When I got back on campus, I decided to take a black and white photography class. Prof. Benjamin Martin teaches that class. He is a fun professor who is very understanding and gives you great advice. The best part about the class is developing the picture. I am use to digital cameras where you can see how the image looks like but now I cannot. So printing the picture...

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A Very Successful Birthday!

Yesterday (May 30th) I turned twenty years old! While I was originally a bit bummed that I’d have to spend my birthday on campus as opposed to somewhere a bit more relaxing (read: the beach), my friends made my birthday absolutely worthwhile! Since Thursday was one of the hottest days of the week (it was in the 80s!) my friends and I spent plenty of time outdoors and in The Gardens (which I’ve talked about before here). I, of course, had my camera with me (do I ever not have it with me these days?) And so my friends and I...

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Photo A Day III

Hi all! Here are the next 6 photos in my “Photo A Day” series! April 14th,2013 – April 19th, 2013 On April 14th, 2013 I spent most of the afternoon in the Unity Room doing work. These pins are always on display (and available for any student to take) and so I decided to snap a photo of them. They’re always a nice reminder! On April 15th, 2013 I admired this beautiful tapestry (it covers the table in the Unity Room). I’ve been looking for the perfect tapestry for my own dorm room for awhile but have yet to find one. On April 16th,...

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Photo A Day II

Hi everyone! To remind you – For the month of April I’ve taken on a new challenge: I will take at least one photo each day! In order to avoid spamming you all, I’ve decided to upload them in sets of six. April 8th, 2013 – April 13th, 2013 On April 8th, it was beautiful outside – the first warm spring day of the trimester! So of course my good friend, Andrew, and I headed out to The Gardens to soak up the sun. As you can see, we were all smiles! It always surprises me how much a little bit of sunshine can cheer...

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