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cat classes

Woohoo! Union’s fall term is finally under way and I am happy to say that I am psyched about all of my classes this term! Here is what I have on my class schedule: Monetary Economics — We will be spending the term reviewing major macroeconomic events that have occurred throughout history, learning more about the intricacies of how the Federal Reserve handles monetary policy, and studying how the idea of “money” around the world affects real things in the economy like growth and unemployment. I am excited about this course because it is almost exactly what I did this...

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Cat ’14

I usually don’t pay much attention to my publishing setting on Unfiltered, but the other day I read my profile name, Cat ’14, and did a double take: Cat ’14. As in the year 2014. As in I will be graduating in 2014. That’s frighteningly soon! Sometimes because I transferred I feel like I did my freshman year twice, so I feel like I have more time left at Union than I actually do. It’s really scary and sad because I love this place SO much. In just 5 short terms I have beasted my classes, joined and led so many wonderful clubs,...

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Just because the term is over doesn’t mean my blogging is over! I have some super exciting happens on my calendar for the next six weeks (including, but not limited to: a two week adventure to NYC, an Early Access Event at Morgan Stanley, meeting Union alumni at Citigroup, a Union “Walk Down Wall Street” day, working at AllianceBernstein, seeing my beautiful twin sister again, celebrating Christmas, bringing in the New Year, and participating in an “Urban Plunge” community service project) and I plan to blog about every step along the way! I won’t be posting on Unfiltered directly,...

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red party

  Come join Russian and East European Culture Club for our annual Red Party in commemoration of the 1917 October Revolution! Wear red in support of the Bolsheviks or white in support of the anti-Bolsheviks. Delicious Russian food will be served, Slavic songs will be sung, and our favorite Professor Charles Arndt will be returning to share some facts and fun. Приходите! Come! Beuth House, Friday November 2nd,...

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weekend ready

After an insane week of excessive studying, countless due-dates, and myriad club meetings and events, Lord knows I need this weekend. I plan on catching up with my grandmother, sponsoring my little sister at her confirmation, carving pumpkins with some girlies from Young Life, dressing up with some of my best buds from Siena, and maybe doing a mall run or movie night (Skyfall comes out today #canwepleasetalkaboutthis). Do you have any fun weekend...

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my twin sister, my father (a proud Union alumnus), and me circa 1996 in front of the historic Nott representing my grandfather in what would have been his 40th reUNION. this weekend i will especially remember him. thanks grampy for kicking off three generations of Union love! i miss you every day! I hope everyone has the best Homecoming and Family Weekend! You can keep up on and chat about all the awesome Union happenings on Twitter by following the trend...

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year of faith

Today marks the beginning of the “Year of Faith.” October 11, 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the 2nd Vatican Council and the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI has asked Catholics around the world to make this year one of religious self-reflection and renewal. So, why not take this opportunity to grow in our relationship with our favorite guy while the rest of the Catholic community makes the pilgrimage with us!? There has never been a better time to dive deeper into our faith! Here are a few easy steps to get...

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