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Tara Kitchen- Moroccan Cuisine

I’ve written about a lot of eating spots in Schenectady before, including the delicious Persian Bite (which has recently moved closer to campus, right down Union Street), Cafe Nola, and Bombers. One restaurant in Schenectady that I always wanted to go to is named Tara Kitchen. The other day, my mother and I went to eat at the Moroccan spot. It’s kind of hidden, located kitty-corner from the Schenectady post office, which is right near Jay Street and Proctor’s. We were seated one floor up from the bar, where it was very warm. The actual outside was not as...

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Many Union students see Schenectady as a dirty city without much to offer.  That’s an easy assumption to make if you never leave campus.  In reality, Schenectady is an extremely iconic place, one that is finally on the uptrend again. Schenectady was often referred to as “The City that Lights and Hauls the World”.  That’s a pretty big title.  That title comes from the two major businesses in the area, General Electric and the American Locomotive Company.  Of course, these businesses outsourced and moved over time, but General Electric still has some business here.  There was a time where the city lost a lot of its luster due to the fact that the businesses largely went away, but now the city is seeing a lot of activity, especially downtown where a huge amount of new businesses are setting up shop.  Check Wikipedia to see its representation in popular culture. The city is large, with over 66,000 citizens reported in the 2010 Census.  There are many families that need help and use the local food pantries as a way to make sure their loved ones are fed.  The median household income is around $36,500 as of 2013.  This is much lower than New York’s median income of $57,000.  Many students from backgrounds that are much different than this may see Schenectady as a poor, unsafe city.  But that is, in my opinion, wrong....

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Motorcyclists Celebrate Arrival of Spring in Schenectady

When you hear people talking about bars or pubs in Schenectady, they’ll mostly talk about establishments like the Bier Abbey, Clinton’s Ditch, the newly opened Wolff’s Biergarten, and of course Bombers Burrito Bar. These places are well-regarded by Union students of legal drinking age, plus they’ve all got great pub fare if you want to eat out–and Bombers, which was started by a Union alum, has spectacular burritos. There’s also Don Birch’s Saw Mill, “the biker bar.” I don’t think I know anyone who even knows anyone who’s been to the Saw Mill, since it’s generally seen as the opposite of...

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Restaurant Review: Persian Bite

Last weekend my mom came to visit. Every time she comes she likes to eat a different restaurant. She had been eyeing this place called Persian Bite for a few visits, so we decided to try it out. It’s located right near Pizza King, right across from the Schenectady City hall. The inside is pretty small, with just a few tables, but there are beautiful pillows and decorations around. The employees were extremely nice and helpful, especially in helping us decide what to order. We ended up getting a wrap, and also a dish of rice with a lamb...

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my go-to dinner

I have a problem. When the weather is miserable unpleasant or I am just feeling too lazy to leave my house to trek up to our Reamer Campus Center for food (definitely takes me less than 5 minutes, but it’s the principle of the matter, you know?), I will order out. I used to call Mr. Wasabi (in my phone as first name “Mr” last name “Wasabi” — no joke), but with AllAroundU’s online ordering system, the process has become even easier and even more detrimental to my wallet (maybe that’s why I only have $25 to my name in both checking...

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An International Dining Experience

Let’s put it out there. I am a  FOODIE. To me, there is no greater joy than eating flavorful, wholesome food made using fresh, aromatic ingredients, at the end of the day. Just Kidding, sunrise, sunshine and anytime in the middle. As you would imagine, no dining hall on campus henceforth satisfies my insatiable desire for Good good. Also, I ran out of declining only 3 weeks ago, so life’s been rough. Last week however, god decided to bless me with several opportunities to dine in heaven, opportunities I made the most of, #gluttony #becomingfat #whocares #foodislife. Here is a documentation of my glorious food almost-week, feel jealous. 1. Last Sunday Afternoon, my friend decided to go buy ingredients from the farmers market next to Proctors, to cook a traditional Haitian meal. We spent a lazy Sunday in the kitchen, making hot n spicy pork chilly (best I ever had), and an interesting kind of rice dish with bacon (need I say more), onions, garlic and vegetables. That meal was devoured by 5 people over the course of an hour, with some great beverages 😉 2. Monday night, still very much out of declining balance, I called my friend in Wold house. We decided to make pasta for dinner. We went and bought flour, milk, cheese and chicken from Reamer, and made an amazing pasta in white sauce. Rich...

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A special Sunday

Every Sunday, I usually go to Hindu temple. I have explored Hinduism since the beginning of last year. It is such a vibrant cultural eye-opening for me. And when I go, I experience something new. This Sunday, I went to temple in the company of professor Witsoe and his Contemporary India class. He took them there in order for them to get a better idea of what Hinduism looks like and to give them a life visual of what they read in the book.   After an hour at the temple were the student got a chance to ask  lot...

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Gelato at Villa Italia

Last year I was part of the Drowsy Chaperone, a Mountebanks production. This past weekend some of us from the show got together for a little reunion. We went to Bomber’s first where one kid got the hottest wings any of us had ever tasted (it took him hours to finish). Following that we went to Villa Italia, a little Italian bakery that has gelato. I got the cookies and cream. It was fantastic. It was right near the parking garage behind the movie theater....

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Fall for Schenectady

  Fall for Schenectady is an event where all the Minervas serve different food from restaurants in Schenectady. Students can walk to each one to try different things. This year I went with my friend Gordon. We only had the time to go to Wold for Mr. Wasabi and Messa for Zen. This is a great event to show campus a little bit of what Schenectady has to...

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Review: The Bier Abbey

The Bier Abbey is a restaurant and bar right off of Union’s campus. I went twice last week. The first time it was for lunch and I got spinach with garlic and shallots. And it was excellent! My friend got mussels in a thai curry sauce. I wasn’t a huge fan of the mussels but he seemed to like them. We went again later that week for dinner with a few other people. I got the same thing. It wasn’t quite as good the second time, but I still really enjoyed my spinach. The others got mussels in a white...

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