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5 Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the daily struggle to get out of bed and act like a real human being is too much to handle.  So I have decided to document a few acts of kindness that have happened to me or around me over the course of the past few weeks in order to remember that humans are great things.  I hope this list ultimately give us all the strength and positivity we need to get up and go to class (only a few more classes left!) 1. Freshmen get $200 in declining to spend at any on-campus venue that sells food...

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Seriously Springtime

This past weekend was the springiest it’s been all year. It was just the most fantastic weekend. The fantasticness started with me deciding to not do anything Friday night so I could get up bright and early on Saturday, which I did (10:20 without an alarm clock. I impress myself). I went and ate a leisurely breakfast at West Dining Hall, followed by a run with my future housemate Courtney. When we got back from our run we saw some people we knew laying on the grass and sat with them. One was wearing a bathing suit, so I asked if...

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It’s Always Monday at Union College

I love the weekend…time to sleep, time to eat, time to hang out…more time to sleep…but it always goes by way too fast. I feel like it’s always a Monday here–the weekend gone and a whole week of waking up at 8am ahead of me. This last weekend went by especially quickly. Saturday was taken up by sleeping in late, a trip to the Crossgates mall, and dinner at Sho Gun right after that. I ordered chicken teriyaki and ate way too much. The next day, my mom visited and took me out to lunch at Sitar, and Indian...

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Old Friends

One of my best friends from high school, Shelby, goes to school in Albany. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen her yet, but last weekend was the first time I did. She literally lives the same distance away from me now as she did in high school, because she lived in a different town that attended my high school. So on Saturday I took a shuttle to the mall to meet her there. I walked into the food court, where she said she was, and looked around for that giant head of ginger-red hair. I pretty easily spotted...

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It was a Saturday early afternoon. I was exhausted from a sleepless night trying to share a bed with my friend because I accidentally locked myself out of my room, and she was quite sleepy, too. We decided that even if we did get work done that day, we’d have to re-do it on the next because there was no way we could put enough effort in right then. So what do we decide to do? Go to the mall, of course. We coerced our third into our plan, and caught the 2:20 shuttle to Crossgates. Our sluggish movements...

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Your new Pinterest

So my newest obsession is such that I find myself staying awake way longer than I should be at night. This new love interest is driving me wild in the best way possible. It covers every thing I love from animals, babies, parties, photography, arts and crafts, fitness, etc. You name it, it covers it. I know all of you readers are on the edge of your seat in anticipation so I won’t keep my new obsession from you any longer. The site is called Pinterest and it rules. About a week ago I received a phone call from...

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Wally World Extravaganza

One of my absolute favorite things to do upon leaving Union’s campus is to go to the Super Walmart a little ways down Altamont Ave. Now this may seem like a strange idea of a “good time”, but I can guarantee you it is incredible. A week and a half before even heading to Walmart I take inventory of my depleted stock piles and scribble down all necessary items including toiletries, food (aka heavenly snacks), and sometimes even furniture or other misc. items. This is one of my favorite things to do besides actually being let loose in the...

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UK for U

If you’re a college-aged northeastern fashionista with even the least bit of preppy influence, you obviously covet the Cambridge Satchel Company’s classic carry-all. The only caveat to your fashion dreams? You’re in college, i.e. you’re broke. And while the CSC’s beautiful handcrafted design isn’t necessarily breaking the bank at around $100 after the Euro – US dollar conversion (so fancy!), you might want to save some of your cash for the increased amount of take-out you’ll be ordering during this chilly winter term (Mr. Wasabi anyone??). As luck would have it, Old Navy has heard your cry and is delivering an answer; while Old Navy’s Mini-Messenger Bag doesn’t have the same glorious option of embossing (must.have.monograms!), at 1/5th of the European price, a college girl can’t complain. Besides, no one will know it’s...

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Yes, that is how you spell “Chanel” in Cyrillic. I saw this photo today and just about exploded – this is my dream bag. The iconic onion domes of Moscow’s gorgeous Saint Basil’s Cathedral delicately stitched into the classic Chanel quilting is beyond amazing. Does it not epitomize everything I adore in life? Sigh… Шанель, Шанель,...

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