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5 Must-Try Capital Region Favorites this Spring

Looking for some places to check out around Union? Here are some great must-try places in the Capital Region. Martha’s Ice Cream, Lake George. A small, old style ice cream shop located in the heart of Lake George provides families with vacation memories that will last a lifetime. Not only do they serve a delicious array of flavors, but they also have a large menu of summer grill-favorites. For over 50 years, the locally owned shop has dedicated their time towards providing exceptional customer service and an astounding experience. Charlie, a famous resident of the property, is a rooster...

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Union’s Versatility for Events

One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success. In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on...

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Countdown till Spring

I suppose I got lucky. This term’s weather wasn’t as awful as I anticipated it to be. There were moments where I’ve woken up, and with one look outside my window, I became a bit depressed at the cloudy skies, naked trees, and outstretched sense of gloom across campus. But fear not, those days will soon be over (until next year). I’ve heard it more than once, from students and faculty members, that this year’s winter was anything but the normal, Schenectady winter storms, but, like I said, I suppose I got lucky. Spring term isn’t really much about...

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Time Flies

Today is the last day of classes and it wraps up my sophomore year at Union. Last year, a week from today, I met one of my good friends to say goodbye before I left school to catch my flight. She was a senior and she was graduating in two days. In our brief conversation, she mentioned she couldn’t believe how four years had passed in a blink of an eye. She was right, apparently at every good place but especially at Union, time flies by very quickly. It is because we have so much fun here. We live...

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Thank U

There are two days of classes left in Spring term, and one class left for me in my undergraduate career. I’ve had a lot of time over the past few weeks to reflect on my past four years here at Union and the only thing I can think of to say is: Thank You. During high school all you hear about is how college is the best four years of your life.  While I can’t speak to that now because I have no idea what will happen during the rest of my life, I can say that the past four...

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Lobsterfest 2015

I ate way too much at Lobsterfest. It was my first time attending, as I was at my brother’s graduation freshman year and I was abroad last spring. It was incredible, though. It wasn’t just lobsters, but a full barbecue with ice cream and fruit and halal and kosher options. Some of my friends who didn’t like lobster gave me theirs, so I ended up have more than 3 full lobsters, not including my burger, chicken wings, ice cream, and cantaloupe. I felt terrible after, but I’d do it all again. And I will..next year....

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Union Spring Concert

Every spring, Union hosts Springfest. Union hosts three artists to come and play on West beach. This year it was Elle King, Sage the Gemini, and O.A.R. I had never heard of Elle King, the daughter of Rob Schneider. I know a few songs by Sage–of these that I know, I LOVE. I am not a huge O.A.R fan, but I knew that they were good in concert and have a lot of hits that people are familiar with. Naturally, the song I was most looking forward to was Gas Pedal. Unfortunately, I missed it. Pre-concert with my friend...

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Springfest 2015

This Saturday will be my first Springfest at Union College. My first year at college I decided to go home that weekend, a decision I can’t say I regret. Last year I was abroad in Russia, and at the time I felt like I missed out on a good on-campus experience. I remember seeing pictures and hearing stories from my friends about the performances at the concerts and the general feel of the campus, and it definitely felt like it wasn’t something to miss. That being said, my experience studying abroad in Russia is very valuable to me. But after missing it two Springfests in a row, I’ve been excited to finally experience my first Springfest at Union. Union’s student-run newspaper, the Concordiensis, announced today in their weekly issue that the lineup for this year’s Springfest would be O.A.R., Sage the Gemini, and Elle King. I’m sure the performances will be good, but I’m looking forward to the overall festival atmosphere of the day. The weather’s finally warming up and it looks downright balmy for Saturday, and after a week of midterms, a day of barbecue and music and sun is just what we need. Here’s O.A.R.’s 2008 hit,...

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Backyard Find

This past Saturday we spent a lot of time outside my house. I live in Ozone, the sustainability themed theme house. The house is on Lenox, across from frat row. We are essentially the farthest upcampus as possible, so beyond our backyard isn’t campus. Over the weekend we ended up doing some unintentional exploring because we were cleaning trash out of the brook that runs through our yard. We ended up in this gorgeous field way back through the woods. It was filled with purple flowers and turned out to be where Steinmetz’s house was. We realized this when...

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Radio Union College: Ready for Spring!

The other day I finished up scheduling shows for WRUC, Union’s student-run radio station. The show schedule is listed here online, and this term we have quite a few new faces. Unfortunately, our streaming service is down for maintenance for the time being, but if you’re in the Schenectady area you can tune in at 89.7FM! My show, From Russia With Love, will be airing every Tuesday at 7pm. My usual co-host is abroad in Germany this term, so it’ll be a solo show for me for the remaining weeks. There’ll be considerably less on-air banter in the studio...

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