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Tara Kitchen- Moroccan Cuisine

I’ve written about a lot of eating spots in Schenectady before, including the delicious Persian Bite (which has recently moved closer to campus, right down Union Street), Cafe Nola, and Bombers. One restaurant in Schenectady that I always wanted to go to is named Tara Kitchen. The other day, my mother and I went to eat at the Moroccan spot. It’s kind of hidden, located kitty-corner from the Schenectady post office, which is right near Jay Street and Proctor’s. We were seated one floor up from the bar, where it was very warm. The actual outside was not as...

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The Important Questions

As the deadline for applications for the Class of 2020 heads closer (1 more day!), I wanted to take a minute to address the important yet always unanswered questions that I had when I first started visiting colleges. 1: The Food I’m pretty sure that tour guides at every college memorize what to say when someone asks about the dining hall food.  They always say: “You just have to be creative and there’s always something you’ll want to eat!” Let’s be honest.  After all my classes are over at 12:50, I am starving.  I am not willing to be...

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5 Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the daily struggle to get out of bed and act like a real human being is too much to handle.  So I have decided to document a few acts of kindness that have happened to me or around me over the course of the past few weeks in order to remember that humans are great things.  I hope this list ultimately give us all the strength and positivity we need to get up and go to class (only a few more classes left!) 1. Freshmen get $200 in declining to spend at any on-campus venue that sells food...

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Scratching Away the Rainy Days

It’s been pretty rainy at Union this week…that means a lot of time indoors to sit around with your roommates. Once all the movies and TV shows run out (trust me, it can happen!), my roommates and I like to sit around and do scratch art. Originally i bought the box of colorful paper hidden by black film as a generic christmas gift to “that friend who gives you something and you didn’t get them something”. I always need to have something on deck just in case. But i kept it for myself once I realized how much fun it could be. Now...

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The Return of Rathskeller

My freshman and sophomore year, the Rathskeller, located below Old Chapel, was a dining staple. Whether it be late night bacon fries and burgers (open until 1 am on select nights), or a milkshake after lunch, Skeller was always an option. . . . . .Until the summer before last when it flooded. Tragedy was upon us. They kept saying it would be renovated. . .by the end of Fall Term 2014, the end of Winter Term 2015. . .mid Spring Term 2015. . .alas, it was not in business for any of my junior year. This year, though,...

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Pre-O and O at the U

Twenty days ago I loaded up my car and drove two and a half hours west to Schenectady, New York.  It feels like it was so much longer than that now, because everything has fallen completely into place and I feel completely at home here.  It’s amazing how many things I’ve done and people I’ve met in such a short time.  I really haven’t been homesick at all, and most people feel the same way. My first day was the first day of Community Service Pre-Orientation.  I highly highly recommend this program to anyone who is coming to Union....

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Lobsterfest 2015

I ate way too much at Lobsterfest. It was my first time attending, as I was at my brother’s graduation freshman year and I was abroad last spring. It was incredible, though. It wasn’t just lobsters, but a full barbecue with ice cream and fruit and halal and kosher options. Some of my friends who didn’t like lobster gave me theirs, so I ended up have more than 3 full lobsters, not including my burger, chicken wings, ice cream, and cantaloupe. I felt terrible after, but I’d do it all again. And I will..next year....

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