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25 Things Only Union Students Understand

The mess that is Dutch Hollow during common lunch. The Nott wind tunnel. Painting the Idol. Wings and Sticks Fridays at West. The Pyramid. Avoiding vendors in Reamer like it’s your job. “Oh so are you near NYC?” At least 77 of your Instagram pictures are the picture of the Nott with a sunset behind it. 1AM Skeller. Seeing ANY dog ever, especially if it’s that one that looks like a bear. 2AM walks of shame from the library. Almost every email in your inbox starts with [Campus Events]. The ridiculous wait before the Springfest lineup is released. It’s...

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Union’s Versatility for Events

One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success. In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on...

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Punk Show at Union Signifies Diversity of Events

Something that makes Union’s event programming so diverse is the freedom of student involvement. We’re given opportunities to utilize club resources including budgets and spaces to hold events that we think will benefit student life at Union. I think not making use of these opportunities is a sore misuse of time at Union. I’ve involved myself with a number of clubs because I’ve enjoyed being a part of planning events and setting them into motion, and the satisfaction of seeing other students enjoying the events is part of the appeal for me as well. That’s why I’ve involved myself so...

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I’m Catholic, So What?

Now, I’m not really the type who talks about religion, nor do I fancy imposing my religious views on to others, but this past weekend I went on a short retreat to Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, New York that served as milestone in my journey with religion. There were four students from Union, including myself, who attended. Originally, I had no real intentions of going because I was never truly comfortable of what could come from the words “catholic retreat,” but through careful persuasion from a friend and knowing that I had nothing else planned...

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Spring Awakening

Last week was the showing of the Mountebanks production of Spring Awakening. I went on Friday night and haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since. Lizzy Magas directed a fantastic rendition of the show and it was just magnificent. Unlike in previous years, they did the show in Old Chapel, allowing for more people than the little blackbox in Yulman which seats about 60, if I’m remembering correctly. The cast was just so good. The story revolves around a group of students and teenagers in a structured society, their sexual awakening, and the turns in their lives due to...

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Never a Dull Moment

I spent the Spring in Russia on a term abroad with Union College, which Mary wrote a bit about. I haven’t been back at Union since March, and having spent the summer again on Star Island, coming back to the world of academia is a bit of a shock. I’ve involved myself in quite a bit on campus, and it’s proving to be pretty overwhelming. I’m still finding time to do things I’d like to do outside of WRUC, Russian Club, Theme House, and class obligations. I find that’s how I keep my sanity. Even if it’s just having enough...

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reUnion weekend

  ReUnion Weekend is always the best at Union. Sure we have Homecoming (see here) and Springfest (see here) and those two weekends are often touted as the best at Union, but something about ReUnion Weekend is extra magical in my book. Maybe it’s because the campus is flooded with so many awesome alumni, maybe it’s because it’s finally truly spring, or maybe it’s because summer lurks so close in the future, but something about this weekend makes it simply the best. Something that really struck me this year about the weekend was that it was my final ReUnion Weekend...

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Electric Daisy Carnival

I am an absolute Electronic Music Aficionado. I love EDM. For me there is no greater music. What Rock n Roll was to the 70s, EDM is to the Millennials. Truism. Word. Period. Electronic music represents our generation where technology is taking over world wide and building on several things, including music, and I believe there is nothing wrong with that. People often claim that anyone and everyone can make electronic music, but that’s not the case, as the artist does not only require knowledge of music, but also technical knowledge involved in sound engineering. So I had been saving up to attend EDC in New York, and I finally did! My third big music festival (strictly electronic) after Ezoo and Sunburn (happens in India, right on the beach. It’s like Ultra in India, just too good for words). I went with some of my friends from high school and obviously had an amazing time. We saw live some of the biggest and greatest artists put on phenomenal shows from Hardwell who went from being a 19 year old newcomer to the industry only a couple of years ago to being number one DJ on DJ mag this year, to 18 year old Martin Garrix who’s track “Animals” has been played at several dorms and pretty much every party at Union. Seriously guys consider this as a career option...

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Let me tell you something: I don’t care if finals start today. I don’t care if I have an exam at 8:30am tomorrow morning. I don’t care if it’s 30 degrees out the ground is still covered with ice and snow. Spring Term 2014 is just around the corner and I CAN’T WAIT! I don’t need to explain this to anyone who has already had the luck and incredible fortune to be on the Union College campus for spring term, but all you first-years, all you prospective students, all you curious high-schoolers, (all you jealous college students that go to...

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