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A Look Back to Last Winter

There are always some days that are dreary during winter term. Luckily, there are many things that can brighten such days, and last winter it was the great course, Geology 203 – Lakes and Environmental Change, that did the trick for me! -Julie Sophis ’17

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New Term, New U

New Years Resolutions: two-week-long commitments to bettering yourself. “New Year new me,” usually gets forgotten about by the third week of January. I really don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, because I feel like if you really wanted to make a change in yourself, you would do it before the new year starts. However, it’s a new term and a new year. It’s a new beginning enough to really make some changes in yourself if you are dedicated. It seems that a lot of us this term are dusting ourselves off and getting back onto the grind. A six-week-long winter...

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Return to NY

Because Union has trimesters, we have a six-week break starting at Thanksgiving break and continuing into the beginning of the New Year. Break is the perfect time to do something exciting as not many other people are home at the same time. Many students use this time to travel on a Union mini-term or on their own, or get an internship. I spent this past winter break in Seattle, staying with family. The infamous Pike’s Place Market in Seattle Rather than being at home in NH, where I would undoubtedly be spending money to visit people, my aunt let...

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Back With U

Today marks the second Monday of winter term.  It was 10 degrees this morning at 8 AM. But despite the lovely weather, this term will be my second at Union and I feel completely comfortable and so happy to be back.  One thing about first term as a freshman is that you plan to have all this time to do whatever you want.  Yet in reality it seems like you’re busy all the time even if you only have a few extracurriculars.  Basically, you have to learn time management.  Going into my second term I feel ready to take on...

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Winter Break Plans

Union’s schedule is pretty strange. We don’t get out until June, and we have all of December off. This fall I have been quietly freaking out over what I would do for break. Unlike a lot of my friends who have each other at home during break to hang out with, it’s just me. I live in rural New Hampshire and there really aren’t many (or any…we don’t have any businesses in my town) that would hire me just for 6 weeks. My first two winter breaks were spent working at a ski mountain teaching lessons. Ideally, this would...

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The Sickness

It’s hard to not get sick when you are on such a small campus interacting with people all the time. Sicknesses are quickly amplified because everyone is interacting. There is really no escaping. This is how I got double pink eye last week. In reality it was probably because I was beezin’ with everyone I ran into, but the pink eye had to start somewhere! And then I accidentally spread it to many people. This is just a warning to wash your hands and don’t share chapstick, for any purpose!! Luckily the health center is just a hop, skip,...

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A Glimpse of Spring

It was a super cold winter this year, but it’s finally starting to warm up. Today was the day that I took off my long coat and put on a sweater and a vest instead (was a little too cold when I got outside, though). People are starting to walk with their heads up to the sun! There’s still snow, though more it melting each day. I’m really looking forward to spring term. Winter’s great for a while, but it gets pretty old by the...

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Old Winter’s Song

I hear a lot of people here complaining about the weather, which is absolutely fair. It certainly has been cold and windy, and the East Coast has been getting all kinds of snow. I think part of what’s happening, though, is that we’re all getting a little cranky because it’s that time of the term again. I’ve been up to my knees in quizzes, tests, essays, responses, and snow. It’s hard to walk around with all this stuff constantly nagging at you. I was able to take advantage of all this snow last night after an event involving boxes of...

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Titus Weekend

This past weekend my roommate and I visited St. Lawrence University. It was a weekend kind of like springfest here, but in the winter. People got on buses and went to a nearby ski mountain to ski and party in the lodge. Around 6 or 7 buses took people back to campus and we got to hang out around campus and in Canton for the rest of the night. Though SLU certainly isn’t close, the drive really wasn’t bad at all. We stayed with my roommate’s friends and I randomly ran into a girl I ran track with in...

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Skiing with Union

Union has a pretty close proximity to tons of mountains in the Northeast. This season, I bought a season pass for Mt. Snow and Stratton. I bought this because I wanted to go multiple times a week to these mountains, but Union does offer a really awesome ski and snowboard club with super cheap weekly trips to various mountains and free weekly trips to Jiminy Peak. My goal is to go three times a week- we’ll see if that happens or not this season....

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