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Union’s Versatility for Events

One of my favorite things about living at Union is our ability to create events that cater to our interests. There are so many clubs and groups on campus with access to funds and spaces that it only takes a few emails or showing up to a meeting to drum up support for your event idea, and with enough advertisement, the event can be a real success. In October, Arts House partnered with WRUC and Breazzano House to bring two bands to Union for a punk show. Scout Boys and Prince Daddy & The Hyena are returning to Union on...

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Punk Show at Union Signifies Diversity of Events

Something that makes Union’s event programming so diverse is the freedom of student involvement. We’re given opportunities to utilize club resources including budgets and spaces to hold events that we think will benefit student life at Union. I think not making use of these opportunities is a sore misuse of time at Union. I’ve involved myself with a number of clubs because I’ve enjoyed being a part of planning events and setting them into motion, and the satisfaction of seeing other students enjoying the events is part of the appeal for me as well. That’s why I’ve involved myself so...

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Radio Union College: Ready for Spring!

The other day I finished up scheduling shows for WRUC, Union’s student-run radio station. The show schedule is listed here online, and this term we have quite a few new faces. Unfortunately, our streaming service is down for maintenance for the time being, but if you’re in the Schenectady area you can tune in at 89.7FM! My show, From Russia With Love, will be airing every Tuesday at 7pm. My usual co-host is abroad in Germany this term, so it’ll be a solo show for me for the remaining weeks. There’ll be considerably less on-air banter in the studio...

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New WRUC Music Blog

As I’ve said before, WRUC is hard at work to bring listening pleasure back to the masses. I’m super excited to announce our newest step into the future, a new webpage. It’s in its early stages and our streaming service is still down, but this is certainly a huge step in the right direction. Something that’s been toyed with in past years but never really came to fruition was the addition of a music blog on the WRUC website, a sort of forum for students to share their opinions about different artists or albums. I’m excited to say that...

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Good Things are Coming (To Your Ears)

WRUC will be back on air shortly. We haven’t been hosting student shows all year because of software issues, but now that things are cleared up in both studios we’re starting to move forward. We’ve started a schedule of training students in the new software and student shows will be resuming later this week. Streaming has also been down for a while because of a mishap over the summer, but steps are being made to fix that as well. Our General Manager and the Executive Board have been working tirelessly to fix these issues, and soon WRUC will be...

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Club Elections

On Monday, the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club held elections for next year’s club positions. The elections were this early simply because we have so many members of our club going on the trip to Russia in the Spring, which Mary Locke is also going on. The elections appointed a Provisional Government for this Spring while a good portion of our club is away, as well as positions for next year’s club. I’m happy to say that I was elected Vice President of the Russian and Eastern European Culture Club for the 2014-2015 school year, a position I’m honored to receive and excited to manage. I’d previously acted as co-secretary of the REECC, sending out emails about our events and meetings and trying to get more people to come to our event. Mary was also elected onto the REECC Executive Board, winning herself the position of Public Relations Chair. I’m also excited today about a different set of elections, elections for the WRUC Radio Union College Executive Board. I’ve been attending Board meetings since Fall of last year and I’ve been beginning to direct myself toward working in the Music Department of the station. With all the students we have graduating out of the club, I will become one of the senior members of the club and, as has been made clear to me on a few occasions, next...

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The State of College Radio

Union College’s radio station, WRUC 89.7 FM, is the oldest in the country. We boast about it all the time, we call ourselves the “First Station in the Nation” in our radio call sign. We got our start in 1920 and since then we’ve experienced a meteoric and altogether bewildering rise to #15 on the Princeton Review’s list of top college radio stations, an honor which we’ve found quite humbling because we don’t know how we got on that list. As is common with WRUC, a radio station with a history of downsizes and settling for less, we had...

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Our Technical Troubles Are Over

Last Tuesday marked the first time my radio show was not interrupted by technical difficulties. Mind you, I’m counting all of last year’s shows. The problem we’d encountered most in the past was the station’s auto-playlist cutting into the internet livestream of the show. My parents would try to listen to my show and it would cut out mid-broadcast, replaced by the station’s playlist that plays when no one has a show. I’m not sure if anyone else was having this problem, but it happened at least once a week during my show. Good news, though! It looks like our...

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“First Station in the Nation”

All year I’ve wanted to have a radio show, but I missed the meetings at the beginnings of each term. But finally this term I got a friend to do it with me and we went to the meeting and got a time slot! Last night was our first show. The theme was songs that start with ‘S’. I want there to be a different theme each week and this one seemed easy to start with. At first we couldn’t get it to work, but then we realized we hadn’t turned it on! So then we did that, and we were all set. It was a little rough, but I can’t wait to make it actually smooth and do it right next week. 89.7 WRUC, Mondays 6-7, So Rad Dude Radio with Mary Locke and Robert Leung Tune...

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All Night (except after 2am)

Last night, the Reamer Campus Center hosted an All Night Party.  It wasn’t really all night, though. It only went from 10pm-2am. Regardless, it was a lot of fun!  There were arcade games on every floor, ring and football tosses, oversized checkers and connect-four, and a pinball machine.  There were also a lot of things you could stand in line to do, like get a wax model of your hand made, make sand art and t-shirts, and also a place where you could make your own chapstick.  By far the most popular event was the build-a-bear workshop on the 4th floor, where the line extended out the door and down the hallway to the refreshments table (where trail mix and apple cider were abundant).  From my position at the Lord of the Rings pinball machine, I watched the line get longer and longer. Volunteer DJs from WRUC provided music for the entirety of the night.  I was happy to hear that the music inside of the DJ studio was loud, much louder than the music playing all throughout Reamer.  The people running the All Night Party were very enthusiastic about the event, and so were the people who...

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