Union College works closely with its employees and contractor to provided the safest working environment, projected by it is commitment to demand excellence by providing its faculty, and staff with the knowledge, technology and tools necessary to minimize or eliminate potential hazardous within the work environment. We encourage employees to take an active roll on campus by closely working with employees to integrating safety in every aspect of their lives on and off campus through morning talks, conducting employee safety meetings and pooling resources manage safety issues. Union is a member of National Safety Council an active participant in the OSHA Out Reach Training Program making our goal for safety stretch across all levels of employment. Safety works closely with Human Resource on Workers compensation cases to secure each employee’s quality of life and attends management strategy meeting to develop new way to protect our employees. We embrace these strategies to achieve and maintain its goal of excellence in safety.


EHS Departmental Services under OSHA:

  • Promote employee occupational safety and health
  • Provide guidance a support related to OSHA and Department of Labor compliance
  • Job Hazard Assessment
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Laboratory/ Machine Shop Hazard Assessment
  • Data and Risk Assessment
  • Provide Safety Informational Alert or News
  • Provide recommendations for corrective action or hazardous conditions
  • Advise Management on issues related to Safety and Compliance during regular meetings
  • Provide Personal monitoring for Noise, Respirator and Air Quality Chemical vapor exposure, Combustible Gas CO detection, Confined Space Monitoring, Hot Work Permits, Scaffolding Erection, Stress Testing



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