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Mortise Collars Tenon
Monday, September 13 to Monday, November 29, 2010

Mortise Collars Tenon culls artists from a variety of artistic disparate disciplines.
The diverse work of these different artists coalesces with their personal connection,
history, and experiences with the rustic grounds of Salem Art Works (SAW).
Mortise Collars Tenon makes overt reference to SAW’s traditional barn construction,
as well as the Barn II Gallery acting as mortise or receiver to the artists as
aesthetic tenon. The grounds of SAW become the force for unification. Work in the
exhibition was created and included as a direct response to the Barn II Gallery
as well as the physical/metaphysical relationships that these artists have developed
with the complex environ of Salem Art Works.

David Bender, Colin Boyd, Patrick Healy, Sanford Mirling, Claire Sherwood,
Julie Ward and Zac Ward

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