• The Writing Center opens on the Sunday after the first full week of classes each term. We are typically open through the first few days of Final Exams.  
  • Our staff of Union students — just like you — are available to support you at every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and idea development to final drafts and everything in between.  Learn more about Writing Center hours of operation, and make an appointment, here.      


  • Stay tuned for information about upcoming Write-Ins, held each term in Schaffer Library.  
  • Write-In events offer students the opportunity to work in a quiet space in the company of other writers.  Plus there’s always coffee — and something sweet to snack on to keep you motivated!  We’ll hold several Write-In events during the months of October & November.


  • If you are currently a Union College student, and you would like to work at the Writing Center, you can learn how to apply here.
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