Senior Capstone Project



AFM Impulse Response in attractive and repulsive regimes








Garrett Fitzgerald

Union College

Class of 2018


I am a senior Computer Engineering major from Westfield, Massachusetts. My hobbies include music, outdoor activities, football, lacrosse, and traveling. I enjoy meeting new people and striving to understand different ideas, technical and social. My educational goals are focused around honing my ability to quickly understand the complexities of a wide range of subjects, a skill essential to the field of computer engineering in which there are limitless subfields in computer science and electrical engineering. I have worked on research related to extragalactic astrophysics in the past, writing software to quantify star formation in galaxies of various environments in an effort to understand galaxy evolution. I have also worked in bioinformatics, developing  similar image analysis software techniques to understand the interaction between cells in samples collected from patients at various stages of immunotherapy treatment for cancer. I now explore an even smaller resolution with the AFM.