After learning about overall health and by doing this research of my community I have been able to see my community in a different light. I used to think that the Town of Coeymans really had nothing to offer and had nothing available for an individual’s overall health. Though we do have limited resources, it does not mean that we have none at all. Remember Health is an overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being and having the access to achieve this disregarding socio-economic status and background and my community had some resources that could aid in these aspects of health. There is a local grocery store, a CVS, three gas stations, two pizza

Located on the Hudson River

places, one diner, one restaurant (Yani’s Two), CapitalCare doctors office, and an eye doctor. I believe all these aspects of my community could aid in someone’s health if they were just cleaned up, refreshed, and brought up to date. Along with some additive resources I think my community could improve its overall health a ton. 


Re-Fresh and Up To Date of Businesses 

Yes, the Town of Coeymans has multiple food resources such as the grocery store and the local take out places; however; when talking about the overall health of a community access to HEALTHY food options needs to be present. I believe if we could change the set up of the local grocery store to having a larger fresh produce section, a dietary section for vegans or gluten free individuals and having more organic food options this could increase individuals health by allowing them to have access to better food choices. Yes, this does usually come with an increase of price for these food items, however, I believe that if it is available more people would budget in a healthier food intake lifestyle. This is also true for the local take out places in town. With a new more healthier menu it could allow for families to maybe choose yummy healthier options. Of course, keeping the staples like pizza and wings, but also adding yummy salads or gluten free pizzas to their menu could aid in changing the community’s health. 


Additive resources to the area

There are a few additive resources that I think could improve my community’s health. There is a CapitalCare in the area that takes all different types of insurance which is great for my community! However, I do think emotional health is just as important as physical health. I believe my community would  benefit greatly with additive outlets of exercise and mental health counseling. With the addition of a local gym in my community it could drive individuals to be motivated to go to the gym, which will then keep the families in my community happy and healthier! Along with the gyms, having a local mental health counseling facility could give individuals the right tools to improve their emotional health. By improving these areas I truly believe my community will see a rise in everyone’s overall health. 


Lastly, transportation has been something I have touched a lot on in my blog post. The Town of the Coeymans does not have any public transportation outlets that run to and from the town. Even getting an uber is hard to find, I have been able to get an uber home to Coeymans from places in Albany, but I have rarely been able to get an uber from my house to go somewhere else. Getting the resources stated above to be established in our community would take a lot of money and time, therefore, I believe a great start to improving my community health would be to establish a public bus transportation stop. This way individuals with no transportation can get to these important healthcare resources. With a bussing system in my community it will give individuals the access and opportunity to go to these healthcare resources that they might have blown off because they have no way of getting there. I truly believe in my community and if these above resources could be added we would see my community thrive! 

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