Design Specification

Design Requirements


Growth Optimization The system must output sufficient light from LEDs to maintain plants
The system must be able to provide 200 total gallons for aquaculture and hydroponics (Divided 1:1)
The system must output 10+ heads of lettuce
User Alert The system temperature must be monitored to 1C
The system water level must be monitored to 1cm
Occupancy must be detected within 1m of the system
The grow light level must be detected to 1lux
Overall Requirements The system must cost less than $1000
An alarm must be triggered if any of the measurements taken above vary beyond acceptable parameters (Below)
A screen must display measured data to users


-The alarm will sound if the flood/drain rate isn’t between 10 and 20 minutes

-The alarm will sound if the temperature isn’t between 40F and 75F

-The alarm will sound if the grow light is not ON for at least 14 hours per day

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