Dave Hans, Laura Barrera, Toshiba  Burns-Johnson, Jodi Everdon, Cheryl Loughlin, Kirsten McDonald, Barbara Neumann, Molly Stevens

Design Thinking, or “design as a way of thinking in the sciences” is a recognized and highly valued customer focused process. While Design Thinking had its beginnings in the late 1960’s, it was Stanford Professor, David Kelley, who adapted Design Thinking for business needs, and founded the Globally recognized IDEO design centers. Design Thinking is the leading process that has transformed the design mission for companies like Google and Microsoft. Three years ago, IBM, under the direction of current CEO, Ginni Rommety created a strategic reshaping of IBM Design, by developing the IBM Design Thinking process. At the core of IBM Design Thinking is the need to develop teams and Agile work spaces that promote open and effective team communication

Using the concepts of Design Thinking to guide discussion, we will create several small teams to engage in an interactive workshop to identify and prioritize critical aspects of effective MakerSpaces. Teams will use an ideation exercise to explore and share ideas, before prioritizing input for a model space. We will then share and discuss some of the proposed model MakerSpaces. We will close the workshop with a short presentation of some current Design Space activity underway across IBM.