Past Symposia : 2008-2018


The symposium has been bringing together academics and industry representatives interested in the integration of engineering, technology and the traditional liberal arts for the past 11 years. We have been honored to host distinguished keynote speakers each year as summarized below.

 Past Keynote Speakers

2018: Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, President of the Association of American Colleges & Universities

2017: Dr. Henry Petroski, Aleksander S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering, Duke University

2016: Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2015: Dr. Hod Lipson, Professor of Engineering, Columbia University
2014: Dr. Maria Klawe, President, Harvey Mudd College
2013: Dr. Jamshed Bharucha, President, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
2012: Dr. Charles M. Vest, President of the National Academy of Engineering and President Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2011: Dr. David Ferrucci, IBM Fellow
2010: Dr. Richard K. Miller, President Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
SPACEDr. Thanassis Rikakis, Director, Arts Media and Engineering Program, Arizona State University
2009: Dr. Lewis M. Duncan, President, Rollins College
SPACEDr. Diane P. Michelfelder, Professor of Philosophy at Macalester College, and President for the Society for Philosophy and Technology
SPACEDr. Braden R. Allenby, Professor of Environmental Engineering, and of Law, Arizona State University, and President of the International Society for Industrial Ecology
2008: Dr. Stephen Ainlay, President of Union College
SPACEDr. Carol Christ, President of Smith College
SPACEDr. Lance Schachterle, Associate Provost, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
SPACEDr. Domenico Grasso, Dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematics, University of Vermont

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