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Nicole Theodosiou | Associate Professor of Biological Sciences | 2020-2022

Prof. Theodosiou’s project, “Electric City Cottage: A Mobile Cross-Disciplinary Platform for Science Communication,” brings together
science, engineering, theater, dance and technical design. It will team students, faculty and community youth to create a mobile learning center during a summer mini-term, develop a course on science communication that integrates these many disciplines and deliver creative learning modules to urban and rural areas in need.

At the heart of Professor Theodosiou’s proposal is a broad and integrative learning experience that empowers students to delve deeply and broadly into dynamic, fun, and purpose-driven learning experiences. From a collaborative classroom environment, they will take their ideas into the community and apply them, gaining the opportunity to perceive, digest, and re-frame what they know, and make new and bold choices about how they will engage and relate to their world going forward.