Octopus’s Pollinator Garden is an initiative to cultivate native pollinator plants adjacent to our vegetable garden plot. Since Spring 2019, Octopus’s Garden leaders been very grateful to work in collaboration with a group known as Pollinator Gardens in Public Spaces who in fact specialize in planning pollinator gardens in public spaces. So after many months of planning and preparation, we’re very excited to announce that a small pollinator garden will be added adjacent to our vegetable garden. All native plants were chosen specifically to benefit native pollinators and insects species, all who are very critical for successful organic horticulture. This link contains a project plan, tentative timeline, and VOLUNTEER SIGNUP. We plan on breaking soil in the beginning of Fall 2020. It’s been a lot of time and work planning this project thus far, so right now I’m in the phase of rallying volunteers to keep the momentum of this project going. I’m gonna need all the help I can get during the next few months. I’m asking if any of you are interested in helping out with this project in any way, please reach out to me, and sign up on the volunteer list. Thank you all for the support on this project, and we at Octopus’s Garden hope to see you in the garden this fall!

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