I teach courses in engineering mechanics, astrodynamics, aricraft structures, mechanical design and bioengineering.

In the core curriculum of Mechanical Engineering, I teach statics, dynamics, strength of materials, advanced strength of materials, mechanisms, capstone mechanical design, technical writing and individual research projects.


I have developed and love to teach electives in astrodynamics and aircraft structures.  Astrodymanics is the science of orbital mechanics and spacecraft propulsion; at its root is the application of Newton’s laws of motion and gravity to spacecraft launch, orbit and orbital transfers, and, more broadly, to the motion of celestial objects.  Aircraft structures concerns the application of engineering principles to the design and analysis of the airframe, the wing, the fuselage … all the pieces and parts of an aircraft that keep the it in one piece.

When involved in Bioengineering, I developed and taught courses in orthopedic biomechanics, soft tissue mechanics, biomimetics and human locomotion.



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