What do you know about what your colleagues across campus do? The goal of the Sharing Our Scholarship initiative is to build and facilitate interdisciplinary conversations and scholarly engagement. Funding is provided by the Dean of Departments and Programs and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies.  This year there are three ongoing colloquia designed to create collaboration and community through scholarly engagement:

Engineering and Computer Science Luncheon Series  Gender Studies Research Lunch  Grand Rounds: Narrative Medicine, Medical Humanities, and the Expressive Arts 
The series highlights several of the research projects Division IV faculty are active in, and to engage fellow colleagues across campus in brainstorming how these activities might lead to collaborations across disciplines. Please join us for lunch and an informal discussion of a fellow faculty member’s research.  Lunches will be held in Karp 105 during common hour, 12:50-1:45pm. Grand Rounds is a series of roundtable discussions designed to foster new ideas and interdisciplinary projects between Union College faculty members engaged in work at the intersection of medicine, the arts, and the humanities with a special focus on storytelling and issues concerning life, death, health, and well-being.
Tuesday, October 1st (Olin 106): Luke Dosiek (electrical engineering):  “Using Music to Better Understand Electric Power Grid Dynamics.”

Tuesday, November 5th  (TBA):  Ann Anderson (mechanical engineering) “The Art, Science and Engineering of Aerogel-Based Windows.”

Wednesday October 2nd
Timothy Stablein, Sociology, “”LGBT Homeless Youth and Young Adults”

Wednesday, October 30th
Lori Marso, Political Science, “Dear Dick: A Feminist Politics of the Epistolary”


Session schedule to be determined.
Becky Cortez
Tak Buma
Striegnitz, Kristina
Lewis Davis
Jillmarie Murphy
Carol Weisse
Shena McAuliffe
Erika Nelson