Published Papers

  • Aristotle on the Purpose of Revenge in Sheila C. Bibb and Daniel Escandell Montiel (eds.) Best Served Cold: Studies in Revenge (the paper was presented at the 2010 conference on Revenge in Oxford, UK)

Book Reviews

Edited Volumes

Works in Progress

(Please feel free to email me if you would like to read a draft of any works in progress.)

  • Conflict and Resolution: the Ethics of Forgiveness, Revenge, and Punishment, co-editor Paula Satne (Springer)
  •  “Honor, Worth, and Revenge in Aristotle”
  • “Plato on Pleasure, Pain, and Epithumia
  •  “Why Nous cannot be a Magnitude: De Anima 3.3″
  • “What is so Novel about Nous? Plato and Aristotle on Anaxagoras”
  • “Why Anger is not a Tragic Emotion for Aristotle” Abstract