Stephen J. Schmidt


Stephen J. Schmidt
Kenneth B. Sharpe Professor of Economics
Union College

Office: Lippman Hall, room 209

Department of Economics, Union College
807 Union Street, Schenectady NY 12308

Office phone: (518) 388-6078

Curriculum Vitae


I have been a professor of economics at Union College since 1994, after completing my Ph.D. in economics at Stanford University. I was appointed the Kenneth B. Sharpe Professor of Economics in September 2019.

My research interests include the economics of education, especially education finance, and the normative evaluation of economic outcomes and policies. I’ve done some work in transportation policy as well. I have published articles in American Economic Review (Papers & Proceedings), Journal of Public Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, Economics of Education Review, Journal of Higher Education, Theoria, Restoration Ecology, Journal of Economic Education, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, and others. Click on the Research link above for more information about my research.

I teach courses in econometrics, game theory, the economics of education, and normative economics, as well as the College’s first-year preceptorial, and I supervise senior theses. I am developing a new course on race in the United States economy to be taught in winter 2021. Click on the Teaching link above for more information about my teaching.

Until September 2018, I was both chair of the Social Sciences Division and the College’s Director of Assessment. I have since turned both of those positions to others; Ken Aslakson is the new chair of Social Sciences and Ashok Ramasubramanian is the new assessment director. Good luck to both of them, hoping they don’t need too much of it.

I am not the same person as my colleague Shelton S. Schmidt, though people do confuse us alarmingly frequently. I am not the same person as any of my other colleagues either, but I don’t get mixed up with them nearly as often, even the ones I write papers with.

If you miss my test page on bananas, then you’re a very special person, and it’s still available here.

Just a little bit of personal information here: I read military history, I study Jewish religious texts, sometimes I do things with Union Hillel and Chabad, I row crew, I fence. I raise my three kids together with my wife Alexandra, although we’ve gotten two launched off to college and one more going next year. If you would like to know more than that, you have many options for contacting me above.

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