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Cherry is the host and producer of the UnMute Podcast. The UnMute Podcast is a place where I chat with young, brilliant, diverse philosophers about popular culture and the social and political issues of our day. You can visit the UnMute Podcast here and at your favorite podcast outlet.

Hosts: Jessica Luther, Shireen Ahmed, Amira Rose Davis, Brenda Elsey, and Lindsay Gibbs

Episode 29: Finding the Gigi Spot. Today we’re talking about…SEX! I’m joined by Gillian Singer, who’s currently in school for her her Master’s in Public Health. She’s also studying to become a sex educator. Se tells us about why she chose this career path, the stigma and judgment that sex educators face, what she’s been learning about and also shares what she thinks everyone should know about sex.

Sounds Legit (S2: E61). Leah is joined by Jeannie Suk Gersen and Deeva Shah to discuss an important case, Roe v. United States, about the procedures for addressing workplace misconduct in the federal courts.

“The Power of Us: How We Stop Sexual Harassment” To stop sexual harassment, we must understand why it happens. In her Tedx Talk, Stanford University sociologist Marianne Cooper shares the research with us about the root causes of sexual harassment. And then, with her powerful call to action, we learn about what each of us can do to prevent harassment, hold abusers accountable, give voice to the voiceless, and work together to create long lasting change.

The verdict on female lawyers’ proper courtroom attire is murky at best. Cristen and Caroline investigate why workplace wardrobe is particularly vexing for women attorneys and how that reflects on broader gender equity issues in legal professions.

The Intersection Of Race, Misogyny And The Experiences Of Asian Americans

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