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Providing a reliable

and free-to-distribute Mode-meter module for the study of small signal dynamics in the power grid

Voltage stability, transient stability, and small signal stability need to be be monitored real time if we want to run the system predictably and reliably.

We focus on the small signal stability. Small signal stability traditionally block-processed. This capstone project focuses on creating a ultra-low cost and open source mode-meter module that will hopefully provide near real-time estimate of the small signal stability in the system. The project is going to be built around OpenPMU’s modular design both in electronics and communications involved.




Voltage Stability

Voltage stability is a phenomenon that causes the electric power grid to fail due to a collapsing (decreasing) voltage which propagates across the grid.


Transient Stability

This type of analysis deals with evaluating the immediate effects of the grid following a large disturbance and determining how major disturbances propagate throughout the grid.


Small Signal Stability

One of the more complex areas of study that deals with really small oscillations between two areas, usually unbeknownst to the operator, that can grow to large grid events if remained unchecked. In the blackout of 1996, the western interconnection lost ~30000 MW of power equivalent of powering 30 Seattle sized cities and was left divided into 5 disparate parts. T

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