ISC-080: Exploring Health Care through Community-Based Learning

About Me: 

Hi everyone, my name is Sidra Hasan, a current sophomore and biology major at Union College. As an aspiring medical student, I believe that the ability to explore/assess the general health of a population is a skill that is both transferable and applicable. 



My blogs will be centered on the health and healthcare system of my local community: Guilderland, New York. I will accomplish this by honing in on specific topics such as socioeconomic determinants, available resources, the handling of diverse patients, and several other significant components. I hope that through my blogs, I can provide valuable insight into the health status of my hometown, while also encouraging my readers to take the initiative to dive into their local communities.  

Some of my hobbies and favorite activities outside of academics include: listening to music, running, hiking, drinking bubble tea, reading, watching compelling shows/movies, dancing, making videos, taking photos, traveling, and spending quality time with my friends and family.