Jiang ZhaoHe (1904-1986) was born in Luzhou, in Sichuan province. Heavily influenced by western art and style, ZhaoHe’s education was thorough. Having studied under Xu BeiHong and Qi BaiShi, ZhaoHe positioned himself to master not only traditional painting but also other forms of art, even venturing into sculpting.

JiangZhaoHe’s work often reflects his passion in current political transgressions. ZhaoHe lost his job as a result of his participation in waging anti-Japanese propaganda in 1932, he went on to mount his first solo exhibition in 1937. ZhaoHe went on to enjoy a  sucessful career. Becoming a teacher at the National Beijing Art School in 1947 and later In 1950, becoming a professor at the Central Art Academy.