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February 4, 2019
by cachonq

Quentin Cachon | Interesting Link on Social Realism

I found this link on Google while searching “social realism in China.” I am researching the People’s Heroes Monument in Tiananmen Square which has numerous bas-reliefs at the base honoring those who fought for national independence. This link talks about and explains the involvement of communist power’s influence of art in China. The bas-reliefs on the monument are scenes of the Nanchang Uprising, May 30th Movement, etc. This source is beneficial in my analyzation of social realism in the bas-reliefs. Although the author of this link is not necessarily talking about the bas-reliefs on the monument directly, the ideas and explanations he presents among other social realism paintings parallel with some of the scenes on the the People’s Heroes Monument.

Click here for the link



Hyer, Eric A. “Art & Politics in Mao’s China.” Kennedy Center,

February 4, 2019
by famularm

Pan Yuliang Link

This link I found through a source that I used in the past for my biography of Pan Yuliang. The link provides an in-depth chronological timeline of Pan’s life compiled by her grandson-in-law. While there is very little published on Pan Yuliang, this source fills in gaps that other sources tend to leave out. What is very interesting is that this timeline goes past the year of her death in 1977 and surveys publications, films, and exhibitions that have been released on Pan. What also is very beneficial about this source is the bibliography that provides books for context, exhibition reviews, and catalogues.




Found by scrolling to the notes section of this article:



Clark, John. “Pan Yuliang Chronology.” The Asian Modern, 2013.


Thein, Madeline. “From Republican-Era Shanghai to Postwar Paris: Pan Yuliang’s Bold Portraits.” Last modified March 12 2018.

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