My Favorite Part of Exercise Physiology

My favorite part of exercise physiology was learning about the way that my muscles and body actually worked on a molecular level.  As a biochemistry major at Union I have been exposed to an array of knowledge from cellular peptides and their composition to the thermodynamics of a carbon bond.  What I missed, though, was information about my every-day life as a whole, and how science impacts it.  As a former athlete, I enjoyed learning about my body’s fuel utilization the most.  While I was not able to put any of my knowledge into effect this year, I hope to be able to in the future.  The intricacies and habits of our body far exceed what I was thinking of on a surface-level, and this class enabled me to better myself both physically and mentally.  I believe that is the most important aspect of learning – not just the knowledge aspect, but also being able to apply it.  This course gave me the relevant knowledge I needed to apply certain methods and advantages to my every day life.  That, to me, is more valuable than any face-value knowledge available in books, lectures, or labs, and is why I enjoyed this course so much.

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