SOC-230: African Americans in Contemporary Society

Course Description and Objective

The state of black America is a major topic in Sociology. While social scientists have noted some progress in certain areas of the community, many others point to persistent and burgeoning issues (e.g. black family crisis, crime, gender issues, the responsibility of the black middle class, etc.) In this course The Souls of Black Folk by Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois will guide us. Dr. Du Bois, also known as the father of black sociology, published Souls in 1903, yet the topics Du Bois discusses are still vexing today. As we proceed, we will discuss the implications of our examination of Souls toward black family issues, the responsibility of the black middle class, and interlocking race and gender issues for understanding contemporary black society. We will ask ourselves, ‘what has been done to address these conditions’? Our findings will reveal diverse and often contradicting strategies. The goal of the course is for each student to look at black culture and society in a broader and more complex way.

Sample Website Links

Black Arts Movement

Black Feminism Bibliography

NCOMBRA – National Coalition of Black for Reparations in America

NAACP national website

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